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Good British Stock: Child and Youth Migration to Australia

Appendix 4: Records held by other archives and libraries


State Records Authority of New South Wales

Note that records showing names and details of individual persons and families are closed to public access for 70 years. Permission to view or copy these records must be sought from the Department of Community Services. All the records listed here are held at the Kingswood repository.

Immigrant children's files, 1947–76, 7/2036A–2049B, 10/37264–74, 3/7829–50, 19/8455.3, 7/8652.2–8655 (22 cartons, 44 boxes)
These files relate to young people entering the country who were under 21 years of age and had no parent or blood relative responsible for them in Australia. These migrants, sponsored by organisations such as the Big Brother Movement and Dr Barnardo's Homes, were supervised by Child Welfare Officers when they were placed in the community. The files include medical reports, reports on the immigrant children and correspondence relating to their placement.

Immigration files, 1946–74, 8/2426 (one box)
These files contain correspondence between Commonwealth departments, relevant charitable institutions and State government departments, including the Immigration Division of the Chief Secretary's Department, the Department of Tourist Activities and the Treasury. The subjects dealt with are child migration to Australia and the funding of the hostels to house them. These files comprise: Big Brother Movement – Homebush Hostel, Gunning House, 7 July 1950–November 1968; Burwood Hostel, November 1963–December 1973; War Memorial Farm, Fairfield, 9 October 1946–November 1968; Dr Barnardo's Homes – Greenwood, Normanhurst, 29 June 1960–1 June 1970; Maintenance Payments – Child Migration General Policy, 8 June 1950–20 December 1972; Fairbridge Farm Schools – Molong, 12 February 1948–20 November 1974.

Registers of the arrival and discharge of immigrant children 1953–56 and 1960–64, 18/1238.1 (two volumes)
These registers have entries recording monthly arrivals and discharges of immigrant children. The arrival entries generally give names, ages and whether the child was nominated by an individual or sponsored by an organisation, such as Fairbridge, Big Brother or Dr Barnardo's. The discharge entries give name, age, type of nomination, and reason for discharge from guardianship. Statistics separated into three age groups of boys and girls are included.

Miscellaneous correspondence files relating to immigrant children, 1971–74, 18/1238.2 (one bundle)
There are three files in this series. Two concern correspondence with officials of the Big Brother and Dr Barnardo's schemes. The third file relates to a District Officer's investigation of a complaint by a child sponsored by the Big Brother Scheme.

Files concerning the arrival of immigrant children sponsored by the Big Brother Scheme, 1965–73, 18/1238.4–1240 (three boxes)
These files relate to the arrival of 'Little Brothers' in New South Wales. The files contain a notification from the New South Wales Immigration Division of the boys' impending arrival, giving date, flight number or ship's name, and the names and ages of the boys. The results of later medical examinations are included, as well as a signed declaration from the Executive Director of the Big Brother Movement accepting custody of the boys.

Returns of employment changes made by young persons sponsored by the Fairbridge Farm Scheme, 1968–69, 18/1238.3 (one bundle)
These weekly returns were sent by the Principal of the Fairbridge Farm School to the Department. The information includes name, date of new employment, category of wages and home address. The returns were signed by the Principal and include the children's departmental file numbers.

Depots, homes and hostel files, 1971–73, 3/1735–37, 8/2314–15, 8/2242 (six boxes)
These files contain applications for licences to conduct a depot, home or hostel. On 1 November 1969, amendments to Part VII of the Child Welfare Act became effective, and, as a result, all places defined as a Depot, Home or Hostel which provided residential care for six or more children up to 16 years of age had to be licensed in terms of the new provisions. These files give full details of the facilities offered, staff and their qualifications, proposed alterations to premises, etc. Correspondence regarding the application and correspondence from the individuals concerned is also included.

Queensland State Archives

These records listed below are those for the principal schemes involving most young unaccompanied immigrants. Records relating to other schemes may be located by searching the Queensland State Archives database, Guide to Record Holdings, or by searching the correspondence indexes, registers and correspondence files of agencies such as Home Office or Health and Home Affairs which may have been involved with youth migration schemes.

Immigration Department
Correspondence regarding farm learners scheme, 1922–35, QSA IMM/176

Indenture forms and applications for farm learners, 1938–40, 1922–30, QSA IMM/221

Papers regarding Interstate Conferences of the New Settlers League and reports of annual meetings, etc, 1924–36, QSA IMM/219

Papers concerning the New Settlers League Annual State Conference, 1922–34, QSA IMM/217–218

New Settlers League correspondence?with migrants, 1923–48, QSA IMM/214–216

Foreign migration, New Settlers League, regarding the employment of migrants in the sugar industry, railway fares, freight car hire, establishment of hostels for migrants in country centres, 1952–56, QSA A/13047

Premier's Department
Correspondence from the general system respecting immigration of lads as farm learners, sponsored by the Church Army, 14 January 1911–20 April 1923, QSA PRE/110

Correspondence regarding immigration of lads as farm learners, 5 May 1922–17 August 1932, QSA PRE/111–113

Correspondence from the general system respecting immigration of lads as farm learners sponsored by the Salvation Army, 23 February 1922–2 January 1936, QSA PRE/114

Correspondence from the general system respecting immigration of lads as farm learners, sponsored by the Church of England Immigration Council, 15 March 1924–28 July 1930, QSA PRE/115–116

Correspondence from the general system respecting adverse reports on lads brought out as farm learners and on unsuitable lad migrants, 12 June 1923–8 February 1928, QSA PRE/117

Correspondence from the general system respecting deaths, accidents, etc of lads brought out as farm labourers, 9 November 1923–6 May 1930, QSA PRE/118

State Records of South Australia

Files relating to child migrants under the Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Act, 1946 (index available), GRG 29/122

Applications for assisted passage as farm apprentices – 'Barwell Boys', 1922–24 (index available), GRG 7/6
This series has completed forms of application giving personal details, address in the United Kingdom, referees, name of parent or guardian, date of arrival in South Australia and the name of the ship.

Applications by youths for assisted passage as boy migrants – 'Big Brother Movement', 1927–29 (partial index available), GRG 7/7
This series has completed forms of applications, including personal details, address in the United Kingdom, referees, name of parent or guardian, date of arrival in South Australia, and name of the ship.

Miscellaneous applications for assisted passage by farm youths, agricultural workers and settlers, 1921–30 (index available), GRG 7/9
This series has completed forms of application with personal details, address in the United Kingdom, referees, name of parent or guardian etc., date of arrival in South Australia and the name of the ship. It also contains some files relating to women.

Archives Office of Tasmania

All case files and indexes listed here have either a 50 or 75-year access restriction. The administrative files (AD203) have a 25-year access restriction. If you require access to the records of the Department of Social Welfare you should apply to the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000. For access to the records of the State Immigration Office or the Fairbridge Society you should write, in the first instance, to the State Archivist, Archives Office of Tasmania, 77 Murray Street, Hobart, 7000.

The records of the State Immigration Office document the nomination and arrival of the child migrants:

Index to personal nominations, 1946–81, AA60
This is an index to people nominated under the various joint immigration agreements between the United Kingdom and Australian governments. Some subject cards such as Boys Town, Big Brother Movement and Fairbridge Society children can be found in this series. The cards contain details such as occupation, age, address in England, names of family members, departure and arrival dates and name of the ship on which the migrant arrived. The name of the nominator is included, as are file numbers for the nominator and migrant files.

Migrant files, 1946–81, AA59
This series consists of case files of all nominated migrants.

The records created after arrival can be found in the case files of the Department of Social Welfare:

File guide to correspondence records, c.1970–c.1990, AD247

Correspondence records, 1919–93, AD203 (see file no. 14 for administrative records relating to child migrants)

Index to case files of the Child Welfare Division, c.1950–c.1970, SWD61

Applications and associated correspondence relating to the custody and welfare of children under various Acts, including child migration, c.1922–c.1981, AA226
This series is a merger of several series of case files into two alphabetical sequences (see also SWD66 below).

Case files of the Child Welfare Division, c.1944–70, SWD66
These files are identical to those in AA226 (see above) but were removed from this sequence when a separate Child Welfare Division was created within the Department. Files relating to child migrants are included in this series.

Record cards of 'non-citizen' children including children arriving under the Child Migration Scheme, 1950–68, 1970–78, AD256
These cards contain summary information on the welfare of British and non-British child migrants including the name and address of the person with whom they were living.

Correspondence concerning children brought to Tasmania under the auspices of the Overseas Children's Reception Committee, 1940–45, SWD60
These case files relate to children who were brought to Tasmania by the Overseas Children's Reception Committee. The children were to remain in Tasmania for the duration of the war, or such lesser period as might be deemed necessary in the interests of both parties.

Master index to case files, c.1920–c.1989, AD204
This is the master index to applications and associated correspondence relating to the custody and welfare of children under various acts, including child migration.

Records of the Fairbridge Drake Society, 1925–77, NS1438
The Fairbridge Society home for orphaned British migrant children and migrant children with one parent living was established at Exeter, Northern Tasmania in 1957. The home was closed in November 1976. In 1991 with the approval of the President of the Fairbridge Drake Society, London, the Tasmanian records of the society were deposited in the Archives Office of Tasmania. Access to the records is restricted for 100 years in line with the access conditions determined for the British records of the Society, which are housed at the University of Liverpool (described below). Among the records is a family register, 1958–76, and 13 case files, c.1965–76.

Public Records Office of Victoria

The records listed below are located at the Laverton Search Centre and are closed to general public access. Access to the records may be provided by the controlling agency, the Department of Human Services.

Child migration files, 1924–70, VPRS 10092
These files document both the assessment of applications to nominate British and alien minors and the subsequent administration of legal guardianship of those minors by the Children's Welfare Department, Family Welfare Division. Files documenting the administration of legal guardianship include considerable personal information about minors and their custodians. Documentation on the files includes reports of social workers, parents, custodians, employers, vocational guidance officers, teachers and doctors.

Children's Overseas Reception Board files, c. 1940–46, VPRS 10093
The series comprises client files of children evacuated from the United Kingdom during World War II and some files relating to the administration of the scheme. Upon arrival in Victoria the children were boarded with private families. The Children's Welfare Department oversaw the allocation of the children to their custodians and their subsequent maintenance and welfare. Most of the files in the series comprise case documentation including: application of the custodian to accept evacuated children; evacuation and travel reports regarding the children (eg vaccinations, medical reports); departmental inspectors' reports (eg health, behaviour, adjustment, suitability of nominators); school reports; and social worker reports.

State Records Office of Western Australia

Many of the records held by State Records relating to child and youth migration were created by the Child Welfare Department and its predecessor the State Children's Department. The Lands and Surveys Department was also involved with child migration initially through its links with other land settlement schemes. Child migrants in Western Australia were cared for within institutions or by individual sponsors. By 1963 the principal institutions were Swanleigh, Castledare, Clontarf, Tardun, St Joseph's Bindoon, Nazareth House and Fairbridge.

All records of the former Child Welfare Department that contain client information are restricted records. Permission to view or copy these records must be sought from the Department of Family and Children's Services. A 30-year access rule applies to records of the Premiers Department (now Ministry of Premier and Cabinet). Researchers should contact the State Records Office for information on the current access status of all government archives.

Child Welfare Department, 1927–72, AN 145, AN 320
Files on child migration are located within the main series of Child Welfare Department registered files. These records include policy and administration files, funding, approvals and inspection of institutions, nomination and guardianship forms, and liaison with institutions and groups associated with child migration (eg the Big Brother Movement). Also included are indentures and employment agreements for child migrants. Many Child Welfare administrative files were re-registered as Department for Community Welfare files prior to their transfer to the State Records Office.

Policy and administration, AN 145, Accession 1031
1921, AN 145/2376 (2 vols), AN 145/2748; 1922, AN 145/1095; 1927, AN 145/772, AN 145/891, AN 145/973 (vols 1, 5); 1928, AN 145/116, AN 145/496; 1931, AN 145/2181; 1934, AN 145/286; 1937, AN 145/366; 1938, AN 145/619; 1940, AN 145/358, AN 145/632, AN 145/593; 1941, AN 145/41, AN 145/305; 1944, AN 145/300, AN 145/515; 1945, AN 145/524; 1946, AN 145/607 (vols 5, 6); 1947, AN 145/542, AN 145/685; 1949, AN 145/975; 1951, AN 145/852; 1952, AN 145/665; 1953, AN 145/1163, AN 145/1309; 1955, AN 145/350; 1956, AN 145/46, AN 145/212

Maltese child migrants, 1952, AN 145/1358

Nomination forms and guardianship records, 1952, AN 145/1027

Benmore, 1946, AN 145/1073

Burnbrae, 1952, AN 145/1314

Castledare, 1927, AN 145/1078; 1934, AN 145/76; 1947, AN 145/938; 1948, AN 145/160 (vol. 5)

Clontarf, 1922, AN 145/1405 (3 vols), AN 145/715 (2 vols); 1926, AN 145/1523; 1927, AN 145/913 (2 vols); 1947, AN 145/937; 1955, AN 145/1951

Fairbridge Farm School, 1921, AN 145/667; 1924, AN 145/1414; 1927, AN 145/159; 1930, AN 145/926; 1952, AN 145/1399

Methodist Boys Farm, 1929, AN 145/1291

Methodist Homes, 1952, AN 145/1313

Nazareth House, 1940, AN 145/1425; 1942, AN 145/219; 1947, AN 145/940

St Joseph's, 1922?, AN 145/1613; 1925, AN 145/719; 1953, AN 145/1808

St Joseph's, Kellerberrin, 1952, AN 145/929

St Joseph's, Subiaco, 1947?, AN 145/939

Salvation Army Home, Gosnells, 1945, AN 145/851

St Mary's Agricultural School, Tardun, 1929, AN 145/565; 1947, AN 145/936 (vols 1, 2)

Policy and administration, AN 320, Accession 1417
Policy and procedure, A56 (vols 1–5), A256, A3309

Nominations, A184 (vols 1, 2)

Benmore, A4249

Burnbrae, A3404

Clontarf, A53

St Joseph's Farm and Trade School, Bindoon, A4256

Policy and administration, AN 320, Accession 2532
Reports and liaison between Nathaniel Harper Homes, A66

Immigration – migrant children boarded out – recoup of subsidy from the British Government, A135

Western Australian Child Welfare Departments Annual Reports, A366 (vols 1–3)

Policy and administration, AN 320, Accession 2606
Clontarf Boys Accident Appeal, 1957/1640 (2 vols)

Policy and administration, AN 320, Accession 2607
Big Brother Movement, A155

Nominations, A184 (vols 3, 4)

Wards – Ministerial approval for variation of treatment, A191 (vols 1–4)

Institutions – Clontarf, A215 (vols 1, 2)

Capitation Grants to institutes and foster mothers, A231 (vols 1–4)

Wards resident in institutions, A306

Nominal roll of unaccompanied migrant children, A317 (vols 1, 2)

Act and Regulations, Section 118 – day-to-day care policy. Children under six years of age, A609 (vol. 1)

Policy and administration, AN 320, Accession 2608
Castledare junior orphanage policy and procedure, reports and correspondence, A2260 (vol. 1)

Hostel, Tudor Lodge, Mt Lawley, establishment legislation – Immigration, Guardianship of Children Act, 1946–73, A3029 (vol. 1)

Policy and administration, AN 320, Accession 2868
Indentures – child migrants, 14 items, six on microfilm

WA Immigration Department, AN 228
There is a small number of Immigration Department files from 1910 to 1959 which document state immigration policy, applications for funding and inspections of institutions, and files relating to specific child migration schemes and programs. There are also rolls of migrants from 1947 to 1962.

Policy and administration, AN 228, Accession 1193
1948, AN 228/896, AN 228/1644, AN 228/1949, AN 228/3744; 1949, AN228/6996; 1950, AN 228/2356; 1953, AN 228/3619; 1956, AN 228/381

Maltese children, 1956, AN 228/2433

Nomination forms and guardianship records, 1949, AN 228/5203

Institutions: Fairbridge Farm School, 1950, AN 228/2040

Lee Steere House, 1948, AN 228/591

St Joseph's, Subiaco, 1947, AN 228/6155; 1948, AN 228/2805

St Joseph's, Bindoon, 1948, AN 228/3141

Department of Lands and Surveys, AN 3
This agency administered the State Immigration Department from the early 1920s until 1973. As with Child Welfare Department records, the files on migration schemes are interspersed throughout the main departmental registered file series. The records include policy and administration files, nomination forms, guardianship records and records relating to specific schemes (AN 3, WAA 42 and WAS 211).

Policy and administration, AN 3, Accession 541
1912, AN 3/4330; 1927, AN 3/6569; 1933, AN 3/102; 1947, AN 3/2201; 1948, AN 3/444, AN 3/482; 1950, AN 3/6269

Nomination forms and guardianship forms
1934, AN 3/296, AN 3/297, AN 3/1360, AN 3/1825, AN 3/2152, AN 3/2736; 1935, AN 3/123, AN 3/1568, AN 3/2176, AN 3/2604; 1937, AN 3/369; 1946, AN 3/4185, AN 3/4186, AN 3/4588, AN 3/4612; 1948, AN 3/3861

Policy and administration, AN 3, Accession 1699
Permission to inter the remains of the late Kingsley Fairbridge in Fairbridge Farm, 1924, AN 3/3815

Nomination forms and guardianship records, 1931, AN 3/465

Policy and administration, AN 3, Accession 1755
Migration and settlement schemes, 1932, AN 3/1020; 1944, AN 3/766; 1948, AN 3/48

Institutions (financial assistance, etc) Roman Catholic Orphanage, Avon location 1771, 1933, AN 3/743

Procedural files, 1948, AN 3/600, AN 3/5033; 1952, AN 3/1010

Castledare, 1948, AN 3/5116

Nazareth House, 1948, AN 3/598

Tardun, 1948, AN 3/926

Victoria Park, 1947, AN 3/6490

Scheme to bring British boys out for training in rural area work (Accession 1778), 1953, AN 3/4591

Assistance to build and accommodate twenty additional boys at Swan Homes, 1955, AN 3/334

Italian child and youth migration scheme, 1955, AN 3/2772

Child migrants from Eire – policy re: (Accession 1843), 1957, AN 3/391

Other departments with an interest in migration and children include the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Colonial or Chief Secretary's Department, the Education Department, the Health Department and the Crown Law Department. Specific files within the Departments of Health and Education have not been identified.

Premier's Department, AN 2, WAA 2 and WAS 36
With one exception all relevant records are located within the departmental registered file series. The records include details of proposed migration schemes, applications for assistance, investigations of the State Children's Department and negotiations with the Commonwealth and British Governments on legislation for child migration. There is also a card register of the Children's Overseas Reception Board and reports on the movement of children during World War II.

Overseas Children's Reception Committee – Chairman's reports, 1942–44, consignment 1005

Migration and settlement schemes (Accession 1496), 1922, file numbers 403, 603; 1923, file numbers 551, 599; 1932, file numbers 71, 104

Agent General – immigration of boys – appointment of Col. Chas. R. Davies, 1922, file number 395

Boys Employment League (Accession 1496), 1930, file number 712; 1932, file number 354

John Curtin MHR – wanton exploitation of children at Fairbridge Farm School, 1936, file number 148

Kingsley Fairbridge – memorial at Umtali, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) establishing of, 1949, file number 329

Institutions (government subsidies) Fairbridge Farm School, 1919, file number 252; 1927, file number 88

Colonial Secretary's Office, AN 24
Scheme for transfer of British children to Australia during the war period (Accession 1703), 1940, file number 240

Re. child immigration and charitable bodies (Accession 1816), 1916–1919, file number 1051

Immigration. Reporting cases of mental deficiency amongst children emigrating to Western Australia (Accession 752), 1920, file number 1962

Immigration. Dr Barnardo's Boys Homes England. Emigrating boys from (Accession 752), 1922, file number 1887

Crown Law Department, AN 47
Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra – control by parent society, London and Western Australian society to merge with, 1948, file number 3267

Other files relating to the evacuation of children during World War II are at WAS 1508, Card register of the Children's Overseas Reception Board

Clontarf general correspondence & reports, 3 vols, 1031, AN 145/1, 1405/22

Mentally defective boy at Clontarf Orphanage, 1031, AN 145/1, 1523/26

Clontarf Orphanage manual of training at, 1031, AN 145/1, 913/27

Clontarf Orphanage: establishment of a Mental Health Home, 'Castledare', 1031, AN 145/1, 619/38

Child immigration: Roman Catholic immigration scheme, 1031, AN 145/1, 1078/27

Child welfare literature: departmental pamphlets, 1031, AN 145/1, 746/38

Visit of the Director of Child Welfare, New South Wales to advise on Child Welfare Department matters, 1031, AN 145/1, 1309/53

Castledare Junior Orphanage reports & general correspondence, 1031, AN 145/1, 763/34

Immigration: Maltese child migrants, 1031, AN 145/1, 133/58

Clontarf bus accident, 15 December 1955, 1031, AN 145/1, 1951

Mentally deficient children, Castledare Orphanage, 1031, AN 145/1, 2376/21

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Farm School, Bindoon, 1031, AN 320/1, A4256

Child Welfare Department, Salvation Army, 1031, AN 145/1, 610/22

Child Welfare Department, Clontarf Orphanage, 1031, AN 145/1, 715/25

Castledare Orphanage: mentally or physically deficient children, 1031, AN 145/1, 101/28

Roman Catholic and Anglican subsidised institutions, 1031, AN 145/1, 366/37

Child care institutions. corporal punishment, 1031, AN 145/2, 632/40

Institutions: post-war building program, 1031, AN 145/2, 300/44

Child Welfare Department: care of children under war time conditions, 1031, AN 145/2, 515/44

Wards of the State, 1031, AN 145/2, 539/44

Lotteries Commission Western Australia, grants to institutions, 1031, AN 145/2, 957/49

Child welfare in Western Australian institutions, 1031, AN 145/2, 852/51

Tardun Farm School: establishment of, reports and general correspondence, Vol. 1, 1031, AN 145/1, 565/29

Tardun Farm School: establishment of, reports and general correspondence, Vol. 2, 1031, AN 145/1, 565/29

Child immigration: Roman Catholic immigration scheme, 1031, AN 145/1, 619/38

Proposed establishment of an industrial school for Roman Catholic boys – Bindoon, 1031, AN 145/2, 937/47

Christian Brothers Farm School, Tardun: inspections and reports, 1031, AN 145/2, 936/47

Clontarf Orphanage (RC): inspections and reports, 1031, AN 145/2, 937/47

Child migration: visit by Mr John Moss, 1031, AN 145/2, 665/52

Child migration WA: general policy and procedures, 1031, AN 145/5, 607/1946

Immigration, visit of the UK Mission, Fact-Finding Mission, 1031, AN 145/5, 46/1956

St Joseph's Farm School, Bindoon: inspections and reports, 1031, AN 145/6, 935/1947

Review Committee reports WA, Child Welfare Department annual reports, 1946–69, 2868, 320/10, 2868/4

Boys Town, Clontarf 17 October 1947–27 October 1954, 2868, 320/10, 2868/5

Catholic Episcopal Migration and Welfare Association, 1953–60, 2868, 320/10, 2868/6

Farm School Tardun, 1947–55, 2868, 320/10, 2868/8

St Joseph's Farm and Trade School, Bindoon, 2868, 320/10, 2868/13

National Library of Australia

Fairbridge Society
Microfilm no. M1841–1845 contains records of the Fairbridge Society and its related organisation, the Middlemore Children's Emigration Homes. The Fairbridge Society microfilm includes: minutes, 1925–52; correspondence with the Northcote Trust, 1834–70; records of meetings with the Home Office, 1945–63; correspondence with the Commonwealth Relations Office, 1949–72; correspondence on extension of Fairbridge activities to New Zealand, 1932–56; Queensland, 1934–62; New South Wales and Victoria, 1952–58; reports of visits by officers of the society to Australia, 1960–76; album of photographs of Australian parties, 1912–52; papers on future of the Fairbridge Society, 1944–60; miscellaneous papers on the Pinjarra School, 1913–39; minute book of the British Dominions Emigration Society, 1937–1. The Middlemore Children's Emigration Homes microfilm includes: Committee minute books; House Committee books, annual reports, papers, correspondence and reports; correspondence relating to child emigration (children emigrated through the Fairbridge Society and Fairbridge Farm Schools). The original records are held by the Birmingham Reference Library, Birmingham City Archives, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3HQ, England.

Dreadnought Trust
Microfilm no. N120, covering the period 1909–39, includes: index to the names of the boys sponsored by the Trust – vol. 1; the register of boys – vol. 2; the register of the ships bringing the boys – vol. 3. The original manuscripts are in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

Big Brother Movement
Microfilm no. 196, 1926–29 are the papers of Reginald Trelawny Thornton (1897–1968) and include the diary of his tour of Australia and Canada, July–December 1928. They cover the tour of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, when he discussed problems of assisted immigration with officials, businessmen and farmers, and met boys sent out by the Big Brother Movement, and also his journey across Canada where he sought to launch the movement. There is also his correspondence, 1926–28, including letters to his wife and letters of introduction for Thornton from L S Amery, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, to the Governor-General and State Governors. Also included are cuttings mainly from Australian newspapers, 1928–29, concerning Thornton's tour and the departure of boys from Australia.

MS 9163 (the papers of Geoffrey Vellacott, a former 'Little Brother', 1927–35) include letters from Vellacott to his mother dated from 29 March 1927 to 17 March 1935. The letters start with descriptions of the voyage on the Jervis Bay from England to Melbourne in 1927 under the auspices of the Big Brother Movement, followed by descriptions of his work and social experiences on farms in Victoria at Red Cliffs, Mount Lancefield and Stanhope. Later letters describe his interest in the church and thoughts on joining the ministry, his time at Ormond College, Melbourne and his marriage in 1935. Mention is made in the letters to the Big Brother Movement and his time spent as a 'Little Brother'.

Mitchell Library, Sydney

Records held relating to child migration include the Richard Arthur papers and Australian Joint Copying Project microfilm reels of Public Record Office, UK, records: DO 35 and DO 57. See also the Dreadnought Trust entry under the National Library of Australia, above.

J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History, Perth

Fairbridge Society Records: MN 62, ACC 527A, 539A, 673A, 694A, 934A, 3025A, 3026A, 3027A and 3028A. There are further references in the Oral History Collection and the Pamphlet Collection (PR 9534).

Archives, Holy Trinity Abbey, New Norcia

Lord Abbot Catalan, correspondence with Bindoon, 1934–1954, PAX Q 1353


Appendix 4
Records held by other archives and libraries