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Gough Whitlam: Guide to Archives of Australia's Prime Ministers

Appendix 3: Select bibliography


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Online resources

Whitlam Institute e-Collection

Australian National University (ANU) Archives Prime Ministers at the Australian National University

National Archives of Australia Australia's Prime Ministers

National Archives Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide a brief introduction to specific people, issues and types of records, along with relevant lists of records. The following is a selection of finding aids that have some relevance to Gough Whitlam or his records. Fact sheets are available online through the National Archives website.


216 Prime Minister – Edward Gough Whitlam
215 Prime Minister – William McMahon
242 Prime Minister – John Malcolm Fraser
85 Prime Minister – John Grey Gorton
267 Prime Minister – Robert James Lee Hawke
241 John Robert Kerr, Governor-General of Australia, 1974–77
28 Paul Hasluck, Governor-General of Australia, 1974


247 Australia's diplomatic relations with China
251 Australia's national anthem
252 Tobacco advertising ban in Australia
255 Australia and the issue of apartheid in sport
164 National Service, 1965–72
224 The Wave Hill 'walk–off'
International Women's Year, 1975
239 The Loans Affair, 1974–75
240 The Dismissal, 1975
243 The fall of Saigon, 1975
262 Royal Commission on Intelligence and Security
261 Independence of Papua New Guinea, 1975
117 Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War


Cabinet records of the Whitlam government 1972–1975