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A Nation's Imagination: Australia’s Copyright Records, 1854–1968

Literary, dramatic and music copyright


Registers of literary copyrights, 1907–69

This series was recorded by the Patents, Trade Marks and Designs Office for most of its use. From 1913–30 the Copyright Office acted independently of the Patents, Trade Marks and Designs Office.

This series consists of 122 registers. The numerical entries within them were divided into columns in which were recorded the number, date and title of the work; the name and address of the author; the name and address of the owner of the copyright, performing right or lecturing right; the date and place of first publication, performance or delivery; the publisher's name; assignment details; fee amounts; date paid; and particulars of payment; and remarks.

The information in these entries corresponds to material recorded in the registration forms in A1336. Unfortunately the entries give little indication of the existence of exhibits, or the abundance of correspondence and forms of assignment that can be found with the forms in A1336. First performance details of theatrical pieces are given only in the earliest volumes. However, where this information appears, it provides a valuable history for the work.

It is important to cross-check between the registration and exhibit series to obtain complete information on works. There are some gaps in the chronology of the registrations and occasionally 'blank' (unsuccessful) applications for which the application forms and correspondence still exist in A1336.

Entries in the registers cover the same great range as material in the colonial copyright series. Among the items registered were catalogues for clothing, furnishings, saddlery and building supplies; race books and other sporting guides in great quantities; books and annuals; musical works (songs and operas); theatre productions; sketches and scenarios; films; and games. The registers are listed on RecordSearch but the entries within them are not. The items they describe can be found (where still extant) in A1336.

Series: A1957
Quantity: 10 metres
Recorded by: 1907–13 Copyright Office [I] (CA 555 [4]); 1913–30 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556); 1930–69 Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])
Register of literary copyright, nos 1–1000, 1907

29: Stories of Factory 'Ands, book, Edward Dyson (author), 1907.

292: A series of animated photographs founded on Robbery Under Arms, Charles MacMahon, 1907. This application for registration was rejected, but the associated paperwork still exists.

721–752: Maps of the Metropolitan Drainage Board, Hobart.

A1957, VOL 1
Register of literary copyright, nos 2001–2999, 1912

2391: On Our Selection, Albert Edward Bailey and Frank Beaumont Smith. The performing right was registered in 1912 and the first performance was given by the Bert Bailey Dramatic Organization at the Palace Theatre, Sydney on 4 May 1912. It was assigned twice. In 1916 Beaumont Smith assigned his half share to Elsie Smith, who assigned it to Bert Bailey and Julius Grant in 1930.

2683: Kosciusco [sic], song, Moritz Lützen and Charles Vaude, 1913.

A1957, VOL 3
Register of literary copyright, nos 3000–4000, 1913–14

3044: Only True Account of Ned Kelly, Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall, and Morgan. Also Lowry, Larry Cummins, The Three Jacks, and others who made themselves known in the Sixties as Lawbreakers, book by John Bradshaw, 1913.

3258: Paling's Catalogue and Price List of Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, Bass Viols, registered by W H Paling and Co. Ltd, 1914.

A1957, VOL 4
Register of Notations for Commonwealth Literary Copyright, 1936–53

This series consists of two registers. There is nothing to indicate why the notation registers were commenced or why registrations in them ceased.

Each page is divided into columns to record the registration number, date of lodgement, name of applicant and agent, application fee, date the lodgement was advertised, and miscellaneous fees and nature. Only assignments have been recorded in the 'miscellaneous fees and nature' column, so no indication is provided of the title or nature of the work lodged.

The registrations partly duplicate those in the principal register series A1957 in which more information about the registered items can be located. The registers are listed on RecordSearch, but the entries they contain are not. The following examples refer to items that can be ordered (where they still exist) from A1336.

29240: NSW Trotting Club, 1936

31442: Maize Products Pty Ltd, 1938

36916: Consolidated Press Ltd, 1941

48676: R S Boys, 1950

52755: Lex Halliday, 1952

Series: A11829
Quantity: 0.05 metres
Recorded by: Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])


Printed Copyright Indexes (including Copyright in Designs, 1907–08), 1907–15
Canberra, (Adelaide)

This series consists of nine small volumes containing indexes for registers in works registered for both artistic and literary copyright from 1907–15.

Material is listed in tables by copyright and/or applicant (with addresses), and by title and type of work for the categories of literary, performing right, lecturing right, artistic and design for Commonwealth, State and international registrations. There are no listings by registration number, but these are clearly set out in separate columns in the tables.

The tables are particularly helpful because some titles are recorded several times under a keyword (eg Our Australian Navy is also listed under 'Australian, Our Navy' and 'Navy'). Cross-referencing of dual owners of rights also occurs.

As might be imagined, World War I brought a surge of war-related material for some, perhaps surprising, items. A search under 'game' in the titles table for 1915 reveals no fewer than 10 games designed on the theme of war. The previous years have only one or two games registered at most.

None of the listings records subsequent assignments of rights, only those completed at the time of initial registration. Researchers will have to refer to the original registers to find this information. The indexes are listed on RecordSearch but the entries within them are not. The individual items to which the entries refer can be found (where they have survived) in A1336, A1861 or A1714.
The volumes are:

  • Volume 1: Index of Registered Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works and Design, 1907–08
  • Volume 2: Name and Subject Matter Index, 1907–08
  • Volume 3: Name and Subject Matter Index, 1909
  • Volume 4: Index of Registered Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works, 1910
  • Volumes 5–9: Name and subject matter indexes for 1911–15

Series: A1960
Quantity: 0.18 metres, (0.09 metres)
Recorded by: 1907–13 Copyright Office [I] (CA 555 [4]); 1913–15 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556)
Title or copyright owner Entry Type of right No. and location
Title Stern View of the US Battleship 'Kansas', stereograph of the American Fleet in Australia, G Rose, 1908. Artistic 687 Vol. 1, p1 121
Copyright owner The Great Rescue, theatre postcard program, B Holt, 1909. Literary 1033, Vol. 3, p. 12
Copyright owner Australian Stud Book, Volumes I–VIII, A Yuille, 1910 International 60–67, Vol. 4, p. 76
Title ABC Puzzle, C W Davis, puzzle, 1911 Literary 1882, Vol. 5, p. 22
Copyright owner The Musho Man and The Orchid Grower, A Albert (assignee of S Compton), 1912. Performing 2646, Vol. 6, p. 85
Copyright owner Why Do the Men Run after Me?, Francis, Day and Hunter, song, T W Connor, 1913. Musical 3172, Vol. 7, p. 62
Title Map of the Seat of War with inset Seat of Battles, Sands and McDougall Pty Ltd, 1914 Literary 3624, Vol. 8, p. 49
Title Get-Rich-Quick-Wallingford, Cinematograph production, J C Williamson ltd, 1915. Dramatic 4610, Vol. 9, p. 71
Title and keyword index to musical copyrights, 1907–31

This series contains a partial index of songs, marches, dance music, hymns, anthems and operas registered in A1957 and A1336. Fortunately most exhibit copies of musical works have survived.

The index is arranged alphabetically by title of work. Information recorded in the index includes the owner of copyright names (no addresses) and the item number. The index serves as partial cross-reference by title to the musical registrations listed by owner in A1961 (see p. 101).

Entries are cross-referenced by 'keywords'; for example the comedy song I Want My Rib (Walter Weems, registration no. 12963) is also listed under 'Rib: I want my'.

Only the right-hand pages have been numbered in straight numerical order despite the fact that entries have been made on both sides of the pages. In the examples listed below, numbers for right-hand pages are given. Left-hand pages are listed as 'unp' (unnumbered page). Dates have been given where they are identifiable.

As with entries in other registers, the entries themselves are not individually listed on RecordSearch, although the indexes are. Items, where they still exist, may be found in A1336.

  • A Mother's Advice to Her Daughter, R M Waldon, 1911. 2085, p001
  • Canberra Waltz. Two discrete works were registered under this title in 1913: A2810 by C M Cameron, and A2851 by A M Hill. 2810 and 2851, p016
  • Flapper Girls, unp, Fanny Halden, song, no date. 15123, p030
  • Mon-day-i-tis, Elizabeth M Edwards, song, no date. 13987, p053
  • Princess Caprice, Joyce C Froggatt, opera, no date. 17817, unp
  • Shirley, Gertie Campbell, fox trot, jazz, no date. 7950, unp

  • Series: A1966
    Quantity: 0.18 metres
    Unbound printed copyright indexes, 1907–36

    This series contains unbound printed pages of copyright indexes, some from the Commonwealth Government Gazette, stapled together in chronological order.

    The typed alphabetical name and title indexes in A1961 and A1962, which cover the same period, are easier to read than these printed lists and are likely to be more complete. Nearly all the 'booklets' have been marked with ticks and/or lines across the entries and some have uncut pages, indicating they may have been proof copies checked against the registers before being passed to the publishers. No published volumes for 1916 to 1936 appear to have survived.

    Entries in the 1915 booklet are restricted to works of a theatrical and artistic nature. Information recorded includes the registered owners of performing rights, the titles of works in which registered performing rights subsist, the registered owners of lecturing rights, the title of work in which registered lecturing right subsists, the registered owners of artistic copyright, and so on.

    Only the index booklets for 1915 and 1931 are on RecordSearch. The entries listed below are not, but the individual items to which they refer can be ordered (where they exist) from A1336, A1861 or A1714. The material was arranged using non-sequential page numbers. The items below are listed chronologically.

    Series: A8356
    Quantity: 0.18 metres
    Recorded by: 1907–13 Copyright Office [I] (CA 555 [4]); 1913–30 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556); 1930–36 Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])
    Performing rights for dramatic works to 1915

    Among other entries, this booklet contains details for Solomon Roy, a drama by H R M White, registration no. 115, 1907.

    A8356, 1915
    Copyright indexes, 1915–36

    The indexes for 1915–36 are not, with the exception of 1931, described on RecordSearch. However, the following entries indicate the type and range of material indexed.

    Artistic, 1916,, Bottle Brush Babie or Baby – A Baby with Hair Like Bottle Brush Flower, painting, Cecilia May Gibbs.

    Literary, 1918,, Eau de France, Joseph Edward Coudrey, sheet of letterpress.

    Artistic, 1923,, Falling Jumpers, photograph, Mortimer Millington.

    Literary, 1929,, Thoroughbreds, Universal Film Manufacturing Co., motion picture film.

    Literary, 1934,, Fisher's Ghost, scenario, Raymond Longford.

    Literary, 1936,, For The Term of His Natural Life, Clarke, E M, and Williams, T, radio drama, adapted from a drama based on the novel.

    Literary, 1936, The Sunday Times Home, Lever, W W, plans.

    A8356, BOX1
    Annual printed copyright indexes, 1908–69
    Canberra (Adelaide)

    This series contains indexes to material found in A1957 (literary, dramatic and musical copyright), A1958 (artistic copyright), and the corresponding exhibit series A1336, A1861 and A1714.

    The first four volumes duplicate material found in A1960 (for 1907–15). Material in each index is listed in table format and includes information on owners of copyright (with addresses), titles, and types of work for each category (ie literary, performing right, lecturing right, artistic and design) for colonial, Commonwealth and international registrations.

    The indexes are divided into owners of copyright and title of work. There are no listings by registration number, but these are clearly set out in separate columns in the tables. Subsequent assignments of rights are not listed.

    The indexes, which are chronologically arranged, are listed on RecordSearch, but the individual items listed in them are held (where they have survived) in A1336, A1861 or A1714.

    Title, Cattlemen of Australia, episodes nos 1 and 2, radio drama, F A Hood, 1936, ( 30766, p.109

    Title, Novelty Dancing on Roller Skates, novelty dance, F L Pinkerton ('Fleurette'), international performing right, 1939, ( 33056, p.153

    Title, Hitler in Valhalla, motion, picture scenario and play, N A Grasset, literary dramatic, 1943, ( 38864, p.74

    Title, 'Australian Women's Weekly, The', 9.7.49, Consolidated Press Ltd, every issue for the year registered individually, literary, 1949, ( 47851 p.69

    Title, Bunyip in the Billabong, children's play, M C S Buettel, dramatic, 1952, ( 51944 p.70

    C/r. owner, Yabbagabba the Cockatoo, puppet (1 of 4), Esplin, H S, artistic, 1962, ( 8012 p.31

    C/r. owner, Emerson, K A, characters from The Warrumbunglers comic strip, artistic, 1969, ( 8407 p. 16

    Series: A1965
    Quantity: 0.54 metres (0.36 metres)
    Recorded by: 1907–13 Copyright Office [I] (CA 555 [4]); 1913–30 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556); 1930–69 Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])
    Titles and Subjects Index for Literary, Musical and Dramatic Copyright Registration, 1916–36
    Canberra (Adelaide)

    This series contains five alphabetically organised indexes. Pages are numbered consecutively from volume to volume. The entries cross-referenced to entries in A1961 and A1966. A1964 is a companion volume.

    Information is provided in tables, with each entry detailing title and type of the work, copyright registration number and copyright owners of items registered in A1957 and the exhibits in A1336. The tables are ordered alphabetically by the first three letters of the first word only – for example, 'Peep', 'Peerless', 'Peering' – so it is necessary to check thoroughly before concluding a title is not in an index.

    The tables also cross-index entries under keywords. In an alphabetical series, this greatly simplifies locating the titles. For example, in volume P to S an entry for 'Pedestrian – The Solitary', a book by Joice M Nankivell (registration no. 7110) also appears under 'Solitary Pedestrian: The'. It then appears in the next volume under its published title, The Solitary Pedestrian.

    No dates or addresses are provided for individual items. Researchers will need to check A1957 (see p. 93) to find this information. Pseudonyms and other names are given in brackets after registered names where applicable. Authors' names (where they are not the copyright owners) are sometimes given in brackets after the titles.

    The indexes are listed on RecordSearch, but the entries they contain are not. Individual items, where they still exist, may be found in A1336.

    Series: A1962
    Quantity: 0.36 metres (0.18 metres)
    Recorded by: 1916–30 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556); 1930–36 Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])
    Titles and subjects for literary, musical and dramatic copyright registration, 1916–36

    p.5, (Copyright no.) 8983, Aboriginal Stone Implements of SE Victoria, George Horne, book.

    p.182, (Copyright no.) 10737, 'Bloke from Woolloomooloo – The', Longford Lyell Picture Coy, R Longford and L Lyell, authors, drama.

    A1962, A-C
    Titles and subjects for literary, musical and dramatic copyright registration, 1916–36

    p.524, (Copyright no.) 24157, Driven to Droving, William White, scenario.

    p.789, (Copyright no.) 15538, 'Hobart and Suburbs – Map of', Government of Tasmania.

    A1962, D-H
    Titles and subjects for literary, musical and dramatic copyright registration, 1916–36

    p.919, (copyright no.) 5478, Kendall – A Course of Lessons on the Poems of Henry C Kendall, Olive May Carter, book.

    p.1201, (copyright no.) 13635, Oh Mother – I'm a Real Naughty Boy, Henry Turley Hayes, song.

    A1962, I-O
    Titles and subjects for literary, musical and dramatic copyright registration, 1916–36

    p.1475, (Copyright no.) 14808, 'Show: Willie's Lost at the Royal', Sam Crabtree, card.

    A1962, P-S
    Titles and subjects for literary, musical and dramatic copyright registration, 1916–36

    p.1633, (Copyright no.) 6450, Then They Woke Up, B L Cohen (Bert le Blanc), musical travesty.

    p.1730, (Copyright no.) 16189, Victoria and Riverina Storekeepers and Traders Country Directory 1927, Francis Gardner.

    A1962, T-Z
    Name index of Applications for Registration of Literary, Musical and Dramatic Copyrights, 1916–36
    Canberra (Adelaide)

    The series consists of three volumes indexing applications for registration of literary, musical and dramatic copyright. The material is arranged alphabetically and pages are numbered consecutively volume to volume. Entries in the volume can be cross-referenced to entries in A1962 and A1966. A1964 is a companion volume.

    Information provided includes the name of the copyright owner, the nature and title of work and the numbers for items in A1957 and A1336. The information is provided in tables that are ordered alphabetically by surname only (ie no given names). It is necessary to check thoroughly before concluding that a name is not present. In cases of dual ownership and pen-names, surnames are crossreferenced, which can necessitate circuitous reference to other volumes.

    The indexes contain no dates against individual items and no addresses are listed. Researchers should refer to A1957 (see p. 93) for this information. Below, RecordSearch information on the indexes is listed, followed by examples of the entries they contain.

    Series: A1961
    Quantity: 0.36 metres (0.18 metres)
    Recorded by: 1916–30 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556); 1930–36 Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])
    Name index of applications for registration of literary, musical and dramatic copyrights, 1916–36

    p.299, Carroll, Roma, dumb show, Statuary Contortion and Hand Balancing Act. Item no. 17545

    p.333, Clyde, David Thomas, Certificate of attendance at Victorian Centenary Celebrations 1934–35 at Official Welcome of HRH Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester. Item no. 26158

    A1961, A-F
    Name index of applications for registration of literary, musical and dramatic copyrights, 1916–36

    p.573, Gardiner, Annie Alwyn, novel, Maid Marian – A Tale of Old Bushranging Days, (Item no.) 19486

    p.991, Moore, W J and Sons, catalogue, Diamond Engagement Ring, (Item no.) 24574

    A1961, G-Q
    Name index of applications for registration of literary, musical and dramatic copyrights, 1916–36

    p.1224, Roger, Hermann William, 'Block Plan of Kings Court Alma Road, St Kilda', (Item no.)18636

    p.1373, Smith's Newspapers Ltd, Smith's Weekly, 12/3/27, Every issue for the year was registered individually, (Item no.) 16059

    p.1616, Watson, Charles Samuel, game, All Roads, (Item no.) 15848

    A1961, R–Z


    Applications for Literary and Dramatic Copyright (with exhibits), 1907–69
    Canberra (Sydney)

    This series is of particular interest to film and theatre researchers. Under the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1905, A1336 was the main administrative series for Commonwealth literary copyright from 1907 to 1969. It contains over 80 000 items, all of which have been entered individually on RecordSearch. Entries give full details of the title, the proprietor of copyright, the author or creator, and whether the exhibit is held by the Archives. Keyword searches on RecordSearch for titles, copyright owners or creators should yield plenty of research gold.

    Most items feature the application for registration, a statement of address, the examiner's report, the accompanying exhibit and related correspondence.

    This series is the richest part of the Archives' copyright collection. It contains registrations for manuscripts, poems, books, plays, film scripts and stills, songs, dance music, maps, plans, photographs, sporting guides and advertisements.

    The creators of material include film-makers Charles Chauvel and Raymond Longford, writers May Gibbs and Dymphna Cusack, and singer-songwriters like Slim Dusty.

    National icons such as Phar Lap, Charles Kingsford Smith, Reverend John Flynn or even a victorious cricket team have inspired many known and unknown creators whose works now reside in the collection.

    Series: A1336
    Quantity: 625 metres (0.5 metres)
    Recorded by: 1907–13 Copyright Office [I] (CA 555 [4]); 1913–30 Copyright Office [II] (CA 556); 1930–69 Copyright Office [III] (CA 555 [5])
    Ball-punching and high-pedestal dancing apparatus without guy ropes, 1907

    By Dorothea Marie Ireland, performing right not accepted, copy enclosed.

    A1336, 61
    I Have Forgiven You, Sweetheart, But I Can Never Forget, 1907

    Few applicants could claim a career as varied in showmanship skills as that of Edward Savral, who wrote the correspondence in this item. Savral applied to the Registrar for copies of a previously registered work 'to enable me to copy the same to give to the printers' and the singer Laurence Kenny.

    In a somewhat aggrieved letter held in this item, Savral lays claim to international renown as 'Black Teddy Savral – The Cakewalker – Ex-Lightweight Champion Boxer of Australia'. In many instances, the need for copies of previously registered work was stated to be the loss of the originals in a fire, but, as in Savral's case, many applicants declared a new opportunity to capitalise on their creative work. Whatever the reason, the Registrar never agreed to supply copies (a laborious enterprise before the invention of the photocopier), only the facility for making a copy.

    This item is also interesting because it holds a letter from the Registrar stating that until a work is printed and published, registration could only be granted for the performing right.

    A1336, 104
    The Peril of Melbourne, 1907

    This booklet was distributed by the Victorian Land Settlement Division of the Immigration League of Australia, whose president, Alfred Deakin, was Australia's second prime minister. The booklet is filled with advertisements and statistics about the under use of land for agriculture in Victoria compared to that of Great Britain and various European states. The booklet ends with exhortations to create conditions attractive to 'desirable immigrants', bolstered with dire warnings of an overcrowded world and an awakening East threatening to engulf Australia with 'undesirable immigrants'.

    A1336, 114
    Breaking the Fetters – An Appeal to Enlightened Humanity, 1907

    This publication was registered by Henry Hensoldt.

    A1336, 123
    A chart for accurately determining the age of a horse from 6 months to 21 years, 1907

    Ludvig Frederick Meyer, copy enclosed.

    A1336, 127
    Burlesque acts: Dangerous Egg and Ned Kelly Hands Up. (exhibit item description of the act), 1907

    This item contains a description of George Campbell's burlesque acts Dangerous Egg and Ned Kelly Hands Up. It is discussed on p. 17.

    A1336, 178
    The Great Rescue, 1907

    By Bland Holt, dramatic work (manuscript). A copy of the original poster for performances at the Theatre Royal, Melbourne is also held in the collection.

    a1336, 257
    Sketch Plan of Shearing Shed No. 1, 1907

    By Charles Edward Kemmis, book, copy enclosed – plan on waxed linen. Few woolsheds even now are designed with the attention to workflow and ease of moving sheep displayed in Kemmis's designs.

    A1336, 282
    Robbery Under Arms or Starlight, the Claude Duval of Australia, 1907

    Charles MacMahon was refused registration for his 'scenic or pictorial composition' entitled Robbery Under Arms or Starlight, the Claude Duval of Australia. It is discussed on p. 15.

    A1336, 292
    Advertising phonograph graphophones gramophones records, 1907

    By Kate Akhurst and Cecil Mumby, advertising records.

    A1336, 295
    Shreck's Poultice, book, 1908

    The poultice described in this publication was apparently able to cure all kinds of ills. It is discussed on p. 24.<.p>

    A1336, 412
    Fan advertising card, 1908

    Of the unsuccessful applicants, perhaps one pities most Joseph Fienberg who attempted to register a fan advertising card. The fan is made of bands of red, yellow and green tissue paper, folded concertina-style between two cards. When opened, the tissue forms a lollipop-shaped fan, with the cards forming a handle. The cards are divided into 12 sections marked with either letters or numerals. One heading, 'Amusement Programme', suggests that the creator intended to provide space for advertisers to promote their amusements on one or more of the handle sections.

    Pleading a wife, seven children and, not surprisingly, poverty, Mr Fienberg requested a refund of his 5 shilling registration fee. The Registrar was unmoved and responded that 'the prescribed fee of 5/– is considered to have been expended on the examination of the documents submitted to this office'.

    A1336, 418
    Take Me Back To Bendigo ('Alma Gray's phenomenally Successful Australian Song'), 1908

    Victor James Draper; Alan Rattray, lyrics; and Bert Rache, music – one of many by these collaborators, copy enclosed.

    A1336, 508
    Map Numbered 54, Hobart, 1908

    This item is a topographical map of the metropolitan drainage area for Hobart and New Town, Tasmania. It also shows land boundaries, buildings and fences.

    A1336, 776
    For Australia or White Australia or The White Man's Land, 1909

    This play, written by Randolf Bedford, clearly illustrates the insular mindset of Australians at the turn of the twentieth century. The play is mostly set in the Northern Territory. Its principal motifs are the fear of the empty continent being overwhelmed, a rising sense of national purpose heavily flavoured with jingoism, a hearty disrespect for politicians, an ambivalent relationship with Britain and the north–south continental divide.

    The plot is simple and melodramatic: northern Australia is about to be invaded by Japanese, aided by one dastardly Englishman and the Chinese living in Port Darwin. When the invasion occurs, it falls to the heroes and heroines to save the north and alert uncaring southern Australians to save the nation.

    The cast of characters is divided into 'White Men', 'Black Men' and 'Yellow Men', with female characters listed last under each colour. The themes inform the characterisations and the 'Yellow Men' and 'Black Men' are given pseudopidgin dialogue to underscore their difference from white Australians and their presumed place in the world.

    At this remove the text is often deeply offensive in its obsession with colour and casual disregard for the sensibilities of those depicted as 'other'. As this is a melodrama all characters are, of necessity, stereotypes, but they inform an enduring mythology. Act IV, scene five of the play gives a good demonstration of the underlying ethos of the play:

    Today … Australia has decisively routed its present enemy. But we shall have more. Our rich and empty land is a permanent temptation to the poor and overcrowded world and if we would hold Australia we must be strong. No more imprefacedness. No more mad devotion to vicarious sport – arm yourselves and think, get guns and resolution. … How shall we win through to nationhood? Not by reckless borrowing or sybaritic living, but by stern independence and noble simplicity …

    A1336, 931
    The Bushwoman, 1909

    This work was written by Joseph Smith

    A1336, 116
    Cash's Woven Names for Marking Underwear, Socks, Blankets, etc, 1914–29

    This work was registered by J and J Cash Limited.<.p>

    A1336, 3347
    The Heel-less War Sock, book, 1914

    The copyright on this book was registered by Bessie Favenc.

    A1336, 3648
    It's Grand to Have a Pal Like England, 1914

    This musical work was registered by Cyril Brinkley and Gerald Lewis. It is discussed on p. 21.

    A1336, 3725
    The Interpreter, The Soldier's Friend, 1914

    This book was registered by Alfred Amedee. The exhibit is in English, French and German.

    A1336, 3738
    The Church and the Woman, 1917–18

    Raymond Longford, dramatic work, film stills (copy enclosed).

    A1336, 5650
    The All Australian Memorial (Victorian edition), 1917

    This book, which was published by the British Australasian Publishing Service, is described as a 'historical record' of national effort during World War I. It includes a roll of honour for 1914–16 and doubletone illustrations of original photographs, drawings, maps and portraits.

    A1336, 6286
    Fauns and Ladies, 1924

    Among the most valuable items in the collection is Fauns and Ladies, a limited edition of poetry by Jack Lindsay with three original woodcuts by Norman Lindsay.

    Apart from the interest that any limited edition item has for bibliophiles and researchers interested in the Lindsays, information provided on the endpapers is significantly more detailed than that on the official forms. More specific than usual evidence is provided of the paper, printing and people involved in the making and distribution of the edition.

    The endpapers note 'this edition on hand-made paper is entirely hand-printed and limited to two hundred and ten copies numbered and signed by the author'. This copy is'No 42' and is signed. The last paper shows that the book was printed in 1923 on a hand press by J T Kirtley, 28 Burton Street, Kirribilli and that copies were 'to be Sold to Subscribers only'. The names of the pressman (E J Bowles) and the compositors (J T Kirtley and S A Smallhorn) are also given.

    A1336, 12462
    Eighty-five Years in Australia, by A Crawford, 1925

    This short volume depicts colonial life in the Braidwood, Jinglemoney and Yaouk regions of southern New South Wales. It is discussed on p. 20.

    A1336, U19

    Log Books of the Southern Cross, 1931

    This is a typed copy of the log books of the Southern Cross, which were kept by Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm. The copy is digitised and available for viewing online.

    A1336, 21651
    Harmony Row, 1932

    The author of this dramatic work was George Wallace. Francis Thring, trading as Effee Film Productions, was the copyright applicant.

    A1336, 23056
    Heritage, 1934

    Charles Chauvel, dramatic (screenplay). Copy held in collection, separate from registration correspondence.

    A1336, 25252
    The Shark Arm Case, 1951

    Philip James O'Donnell, dramatic, copy enclosed. It is discussed on p. 17.

    A1336, 50219
    Catalogue of Motor Accessories and Performance Equipment – Scotties Spares, 1967–68

    John Robert Scott, literary, Scotties Spares Pty Ltd, copy enclosed.

    A1336, 69501
    Bushwalking and Camping, (seventh edition), 1968

    Frank Austin ('Paddy') Pallin, book. Copy held in collection, separate from registration correspondence.

    A1336, 70414


    Miscellaneous Copyright Office Correspondence, 1916

    This series consists of correspondence, arranged by date and subject matter, related to material held in A1336 and A1861.

    There are no direct numerical links to particular registrations or exhibits within any of the copyright series, and it is necessary to search registers to establish where such links exist. It may be that this series represents the total holding on some items.

    The principal bundle contains annotated correspondence attached to obsolete forms, which are date-stamped and numbered for correspondence purposes. Most letters are requests for information about procedures for copyrighting works or inquiring whether particular works were already registered. Several correspondents made inquiries about international copyright, either as it applied in Australia to items registered elsewhere or to the protection of Australian works overseas.

    Series: A11908
    Quantity: 0.18 metres
    Recorded by: Copyright Office [II] (CA 556)
    Inward letters, registration nos 12 to 284, January to April, 1916

    One of the letters contained in this bundle is a request to register the school colours of Merton Hall Church of England Girls' Grammar School, South Yarra. It contains a sample ribbon of the colours, but no registration was made as it was deemed not to be covered by the Act. The registration number is 284.

    A11908, 1

    Inward letters, registration nos 326 to 587, May to August, 1916

    440, This is a letter from an applicant in Germany asking about copyright protection and possible infringements of English and French translations and adaptations, and whether the German copyright of the original would be recognised despite the war (World War I).

    449, This is a letter from the Treasury, urging the Registrar to assist his officers in participating in subscriptions to the Commonwealth war loans scheme.

    A11908, 2

    Inward letters, registration nos 608 to 904, August to December, 1916

    Among the letters registered in this bundle are the following:

    608, This is a request from the Commissioner of Patents in South Africa for a copy of the Australian copyright regulations.

    683, This is a letter from A H Davis ('Steele Rudd'), requesting forms to register reserved dramatic and picture rights in several of his published books, the titles of which were not specified.

    814, This correspondence from J C Williamson concerns the performing right to My Lady Frayle. This folder contains legal agreements and an accompanying letter that refers to several other works, some of which the Williamson company decided not to proceed with, and others the company intended to register once the manuscripts had been copied. It appears from this letter that the company routinely sent application forms for such works to the Registrar as a method of securing notice of its interest in the material, formalising the registration by payment of fees and submission of copies at a later date.

    819, This letter is from Mrs F Tuft of Seven Hills, requesting information about the registration of a wildlife film made by her son, 'a big-game hunter in Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa'.

    In addition there are three registration form, folder and exhibit sets that appear to be in this bundle because no fees accompanied the application. One bundle of correspondence contains, among other documents, covering letters and copies of legal agreements dating from 1888 to 1911 relevant to the amalgamation of Clarke and Meynell Pty Ltd with J C Williamson Ltd.

    A11908, 3


    Chapter 3
    Commonwealth Copyright