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Malcolm Fraser: Guide to Archives of Australia's Prime Ministers

Chapter 3: Records about Malcolm Fraser in the University of Melbourne Archives

Records in other University of Melbourne Archives collections

The UMA holds collections that relate to Malcolm Fraser's political career. These include the papers of Patrick Weller, author of Malcolm Fraser PM: a study in prime ministerial power (1989), Phillip Ayres, author of the first biography of Fraser, Malcolm Fraser: a biography (1987) and the Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division). There is also a large number of collections that relate to protests against Fraser's policies from his period as Minister for the Army during the Vietnam War, through the Dismissal, to the implementation of the 'Razor Gang'. These collections are not listed here, but a search on community or political organisations, or trade unions involved in protests and strikes can be conducted through the UMA online database (


This collection comprises research material accumulated by Professor Weller during the development of his book on Fraser. It includes interviews and transcripts with Fraser government ministers, staff and friends, copies of Fraser's personal papers and extensive notes on the Cabinet papers during Fraser's prime ministership. The papers are organised according to the structure of Weller's book, with interviews and transcripts included at the end of the collection.
Series: 2007.0051
Quantity: 2 metres
Whales, 1970s
Includes material relating to the Australian banning of whaling and the import of whale products.
item 1/48, box 4
Interview: Charles Court, 1982–88
Includes address by Court to the National Construction Industry Conference, 'What are we waiting for?' (28 October 1982).
item 2/17, box 5
Interview: Robert (Bob) Ellicott, 1977–88 item 2/23, box 5
Interview: John Howard, 1 December 1986 item 2/43, box 6
Interview: Andrew Peacock, 19 November 1986 item 2/57, box 6
Interview: Shridath (Sonny) Ramphal, 20 March 1987 item 2/59, box 7
This collection contains digital copies of 42 cassette tapes of interviews conducted by Ayres during the preparation of his 1987 biography on Fraser.
Series: 2011.0080
Quantity: 0.34 metres
Sir Tony Eggleton, 16 December 1985 item 29
BA Santamaria, 11 July 1985 item 21
Billy Snedden, 2 September 1985 item 17
Sir Arthur Tange, 3 April 1985 item 4
This collection contains records of the State Executive and Administrative Committee, Policy Committees, State Council, Young Liberal Movement and other administrative bodies of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party from 1946 to 1993.
Series: 2001.0071
Quantity: 20 metres
1975 Federal Election
Contains policy speeches, campaign material, reports, telexes regarding the campaign during the December 1975 federal election.
item 6/3/3, box 80
Lynch was the first Treasurer in Fraser's Cabinet, from 1975 to November 1977. He was also Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party from 1972 until his retirement in 1982. This collection includes correspondence, press releases, speech notes, Liberal Party material, electoral files and subject files dating from 1940 through to 1983. Access to the collection is restricted.
Series: 1983.0110
Quantity: 18 metres
Opposition briefing papers on 1975 Budget box 13
Economic briefing material papers on consultations with Treasury, economic policy issues in government, 1975 box 13
Resignation, 1977
Includes correspondence, reports, statements and publications relating to Lynch's resignation from his position as Treasurer in 1977.
boxes 10, 22 and 41


Chapter 3
Records about Malcolm Fraser in the University of Melbourne Archives