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More People Imperative: Immigration to Australia, 1901–39

Passenger arrival and departure records

Records of passenger arrivals and departures are held for most Australian ports. Some have been microfilmed, with copies available in all reading rooms. Those not on microfilm will need to be viewed in the office in which they are held.

The collection of passenger lists held by the National Archives generally complements those for the same ports (usually for earlier periods) held by respective state archival institutions.

Crew and passenger lists, port of Newcastle, inwards and outwards (1865–1935) C667
Outward registers (coloured crews and passengers), ports of Sydney and Newcastle (1905–37) SP143/3
Inwards crew and passenger lists for Australian ports (1915–23) SP83/11
Passenger lists, inwards ships, Sydney (1923–64) C1115
Passenger Manifests – outward ships and aircraft (1923–64) SP1148/2
Register of inward passenger lists, Sydney, Port Kembla, Newcastle (1924–39) SP729/12
Register of passenger lists – outward – overseas ships (1924–39) SP729/17
Aircraft Passenger lists, inwards, Mascot and Rose Bay (1936–64) C3458
Boarding Officers' reports on vessels and aircraft arriving Sydney (1936–58) ST875/2
Advice of departure from Sydney of coloured persons – inwards and outwards (1937–54) SP343/1
Outward passenger lists – Ships (1894–1924) B4398
Ships files relating to the assisted passage scheme (1921–37) B4094
Lists of outgoing passengers (ships) (1922–24) MP127/2
Registers of passenger lists – Overseas ships – Outwards (1924–54) MP128/3
Registers of passenger lists – Overseas ships – Outwards (1924–54) MP128/4
Outward passenger lists (1924–44) MP56/9
Outward passenger lists (1924–44) B4399
Volumes of Inwards passenger lists (1924–64) B4397
Volumes of outward passenger lists – ships, (1945–64) B4400
Name index cards for volumes of inward passenger lists – ships (1962) B4425
Passenger manifests – Melbourne (1965–66) MP905/1
Ships passenger lists, Brisbane inwards (1852–1964) J715
Ships passenger lists, Brisbane outwards (1859–1964) J716
Ships passenger lists, Townsville inwards (1895–1964) J721
Ships passenger lists, Townsville outwards (1895–1964) J722
Ships passenger lists, Bowen inwards (1897–1964) J723
Ships passenger lists, Bowen outwards (1897–1964) J724
Ships passenger lists, Cairns inwards (1897–1969) J725
Ships passenger lists, Cairns outwards (1897–1964) J726
Ships passenger lists, Rockhampton inwards (1898–1962) J727
Ships passenger lists, Rockhampton outwards (1898–1964) J728
Report of passengers forms (1904–28) BP164/3
Register of inwards and outwards Asian passengers (1918–24) BP749/2
Ships passenger lists, Gladstone inwards (1924–64) J717
Ships passenger lists, Gladstone outwards (1924–64) J718
Ships passenger lists, Thursday Island inwards (1924–64) J719
Ships passenger lists, Thursday Island outwards (1924–64) J720
Ships passenger lists, Mackay inwards (1924–62) J729
Ships passenger lists, Mackay outwards (1924–61) J730
Register of passenger lists outwards (1924–49) BP159/28
Register of passenger lists inwards (1924–47) BP159/29
Register of ships passenger lists inwards – Cairns (1924–52) BP273/3
Register of ships passenger lists outwards – Cairns (1924–52) BP273/4
Arrivals register – coloured persons (1924–59) BP384/10
Departures register – coloured persons (1924–59) BP384/11
Ships passenger lists, Maryborough inwards (1929–62) J731
Ships passenger lists, Maryborough outwards (1929–62) J732
Quarantine reports of passengers (1930–54) BT531/1
Aircraft passenger manifests (1934–ongoing) J922
Outward passenger manifests for ships and aircraft departing at Fremantle, Perth Airport and Outports (1898–1978) K1142
Inward passenger manifests for ships and aircraft arriving at Fremantle, Perth Airport and Outports (1898–1978) K269
Passenger inward and outward list indexes (1898–1923) PP281/7
Inward passenger lists, outports (1904–23) PP281/3
Inward passenger/migrant nominal rolls (1918–32) PP444/4
Outward passenger lists, outports (1921–22) PP281/4
Inward passenger lists, outports (1923–35) PP240/3
Registers of passenger lists – Geraldton (1924–52) PP51/1
Registers of passenger lists – Fremantle and Carnarvon (1924–38) PP109/2
Outward passenger lists, outports (1924–38) PP240/4
Nominal rolls and passenger lists (1926–51) PP482/1
Monthly immigration returns (includes passenger lists) (1919–46) D1986
Register of passenger lists (inwards), seamen engaged, discharged, deserted or died at Port Pirie (1925–48) D458
Ships passenger lists, inwards (1941–64) D5077
Ships passenger lists, outwards (1941–64) AP473/1
Registers of ships arriving at Launceston (1869–1910) P588
Passenger lists and crew lists (outward) – Port of Hobart (1903–51) P2004
Passenger lists and crew lists (inward) – Port of Hobart (1903–51) P2005
Register of passenger lists for overseas departing from Tasmanian ports (1924–63) P1074
Register of passenger lists for interstate ships arriving at Devonport (1924–58) P1202
Register of ships arriving at Devonport (1927–50) P1240
Register of ships leaving Launceston (1930–61) P1075
Passenger lists, inwards/outwards, Burnie(1939–ongoing) P2031
Registers of census returns collected by police in Northern Territory (1881–1953)
Volume 1 includes registers of passenger arrivals to Darwin (1872) and departures from Darwin (1873–1875)
Inwards and outwards passenger lists, Darwin 1898–1949 E1019


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