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More People Imperative: Immigration to Australia, 1901–39

12. Records in the National Archives State Offices

While some individual records held in the National Archives state offices are included in the preceding chapters, most are included here, since they vary considerably in type from those held in Canberra.

Collections in the state offices relate less to the encouragement of immigration than to the implementation of the restrictive immigration policies, and individual passenger lists of ships arriving at and departing from the various state ports. The holdings of the Melbourne Office are in some ways an exception to this, as they also contain policy records which date from the time when many Commonwealth Government departments had their head offices in Melbourne.

This chapter provides an introduction to the main types of immigration records held in each of the state offices. It is divided into the following sections:

  1. Passenger arrival and departure records
  2. Lists of ship's crew
  3. Records of non-British migrants
  4. Passport and identity records
  5. Aliens Registration records
  6. Correspondence records
  7. Miscellaneous records related to immigration


Chapter 12
Records in the National Archives State Offices