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Near Neighbours: Records on Australia's Relations with Indonesia

Appendix 7: Key Australian government agencies

This appendix lists the key government agencies responsible for creating the main record series described in this guide. It includes agencies that created records before Indonesia declared its independence in 1945. The agencies are listed in alphabetical order after grouping by their location and function. This appendix is not comprehensive and does not include a reference to every agency cited in the main part of this guide.

When using RecordSearch, the record series created by a particular agency can easily be found by clicking on the 'Find series recorded by this agency' button at the foot of the 'Primary description of agency'. If the search result set shows that no series were found, it usually means that the series, and therefore also items, have not yet been entered onto RecordSearch. In this case researchers will need to discuss their search options with a reference officer.

When searching for a Commonwealth agency by its CA number, use a space between the letters CA and the number, ie CA 2766.

Australian Secret Intelligence Service, 1952–CA 5582
Australian Security Intelligence Organization, 1949–CA 1297
Australian War Crimes Commission, 1944–46CA 284
Colombo Plan Supplies Directorate (from 1963, the External Aid Procurement Directorate), 1952–70CA 2966
Colony of the Straits Settlements, Colony of Singapore, District Office, Christmas Island, 1903–57CA 1323
Department of External Affairs, Central Office, 1921–70CA 18
Department of External Affairs, State Office, New South Wales, 1947–50CA 987
Department of External Affairs, State Office, Queensland, 1965–70CA 2213
Department of External Affairs, State Office, South Australia, 1965–70CA 2573
Department of External Affairs, State Office, Victoria, 1947–70CA 986
Department of External Affairs, State Office, Western Australia, 1963–70CA 988
Department of Foreign Affairs, Central OfficeCA 1382
Department of Works, Central OfficeCA 61
International Training Centre, Canberra, 1961–69CA 685
Joint Intelligence Committee, 1944–69CA 400
Parliamentary Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1952–73CA 716
Political Warfare Division of the Department of External Affairs, 1942–45CA 8344
Prime Minister's Department, 1911–71CA 12
RAAF No. 18 Netherlands East Indies (NEI) SquadronCA 3310
Radio AustraliaCA 744
Royal Commission on the Pearl Shell Industry, 1912–16CA 2236
Royal Commission on Trade between Australia and Java, Singapore and the East Indies, 1917CA 2410
Australian High Commission, Canada (Ottawa), 1940–70CA 1816
Australian Mission, Political Representative to Allied Forces, Netherlands East Indies (Batavia), 1945–47CA 2742
Australian Consulate-General, Batavia (from 27 Dec 1949); Djakarta (Netherlands East Indies) (from 27 Dec 1949); Republic of the United States of Indonesia, 1946–50CA 2743
Australian Embassy, Republic of Indonesia (Djakarta/Jakarta)CA 2744
United Nations Commission on Indonesia (Djakarta/Jakarta) 1947–51CA 8237
Australian Commission, Malaya (Kuala Lumpur), 1955–57CA 2954
Australian High Commission, Malaya (Kuala Lumpur), 1957–63CA 2984
Australian High Commission, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), 1963–70CA 2985
Defence Adviser's Office, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)CA 6701
The Netherlands
Australian Embassy, The Netherlands (The Hague), 1942–70CA 6917
Netherlands New Guinea
RAAF Headquarters No. 72 Composite Wing, Merauke (Dutch New Guinea)CA 8704
New Zealand
Australian High Commission, New Zealand (Wellington), 1943–70CA 2781
Australian Embassy, Philippines (Manila), 1950–70CA 6925
Australian Embassy, Portugal (Lisbon), 1970CA 8158
Portuguese Timor
Australian Consulate, Dili (Portuguese Timor), 1946–70CA 2766
Official Representative, Portuguese Timor, 1941–42CA 3217
Australian Commission, Malaya (from 1954, Commissioner for Southeast Asia, Singapore), 1945–56CA 2950
Australian Commission, Singapore, Brunei, Sarawak and North Borneo, 1956–63CA 2951
Australian Deputy High Commission, Malaysia (Singapore), 1963–65CA 2952
Australian High Commission, Singapore, 1965–70CA 2953
Australian Political Liaison Officer to the United Kingdom, Special Commission for Southeast Asia in Malaya (Singapore), 1945–46CA 2949
Defence Adviser's Office, Singapore, 1959–85CA 6700
Official Representative, Singapore, 1941–42CA 2944
RAAF Support Unit, Tengah, Singapore, 1971–83CA 2876
Australian Consulate-General and Permanent Mission to the Office of the United Nations, Geneva (Switzerland), 1949–70CA 8164
United Kingdom
Australian High Commission, United Kingdom (London)CA 241
Department of External Affairs, London (also known as the External Affairs Liaison Officer, London); from 1969, the Political Branch of the Australian High Commission, London, 1932–69CA 1759
United Nations, New York
Australian Mission to the United Nations (New York), 1946–70CA 2758
United States of America
Australian Counsellor, British Embassy, United States of America (Washington), 1937–40CA 1939
Australian Embassy, United States of America (Washington), 1946–70CA 1817
Australian Legation, United States of America (Washington), 1940–46CA 1831