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Papua New Guinea Records 1883–1942: Microfilm Collections

Appendix 2: Acronyms, abbreviations and terminology

The following list includes acronyms, abbreviations and terminology used in this Guide.

ACT Australian Capital Territory
AGPS Australian Government Publishing Service
AIH Australian Institute of Health
ANGAU Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit – Australian Military Administration
AN&MEF Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
Bezirksamtmann District Officer
BNG British New Guinea
CA Commonwealth Agency
CRS Commonwealth Record Series
DCH Department of Community Health
DEET Department of Employment, Education and Training
Despatches Correspondence
Deutsch German
DOF Department of Finance
DOGIT Deeds Of Grant In Trust
Eingangsjournal Register of inwards correspondence
Hon. The Honourable
Inselgebiet Island Territories (covered the Carolines, Mariana and Marshall Islands)
Intestacy Having died without a Will
JP Justice of the Peace Kommissariat
Kompagnie Company
Kaiserliches Imperial
Landeshauptmann Captain-General (of the New Guinea  company)
MD Doctor of medicine
Neu Guinea New Guinea
Neu Mecklenberg renamed as New Ireland
Neu Pommern renamed as New Britain
NGAU New Guinea Administrative Unit – Australian Military Administration
Obergericht Supreme Court
OIC Officer in Charge
PAU Papuan Administrative Unit – Australian Military Administration
PNG Papua New Guinea
PSC Public Service Commission
QC Queen’s Counsel
RecordSearch National Archives online database to records
Schutzgebiet Protectorate
TAFE Technical and Further Education