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Parliament House Canberra, 1927

Appendix 1 - Key Government Officials

The National Archives hold records containing correspondence from many senior public servants involved in the establishment of the Federal Capital. The following list gives the names of the key officials and the positions they held. Further information on most of these officials can be found in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. The Canberra Community News, Volume 2, No 9 (NAA: A429, 21) gives brief biographies of John Butters, Charles Daley, Henry Rolland and Herbert Waterman. The National Archives holds personal records of a number of key Commonwealth persons. Biographical information and a detailed description of the records available can be found on the National Archives' online RecordSearch database (at using the CP (Commonwealth Person) number following their surnames.

Bingle, Walter David

Acting Head, Department of Home Affairs – 1907–09, 1914–16
Secretary and Permanent Head, Department of Works and Railways – 1917–26

Butters, Sir John Henry (CP 503)

Chief Commissioner, Federal Capital Commission – 1925–29

Daley, Charles Studdy (CP 8)

Senior Clerk, Department of Home Affairs – 1905–30
Secretary, Federal Capital Advisory Committee – 1921–24
Secretary, Federal Capital Commission – 1924–30
Civic Administrator, FCT Branch, Department of Home Affairs – 1930–32
Assistant Secretary, Department of the Interior – 1932–52

Murdoch, John Smith

Senior Assistant to Director-General Works – 1904–14
Architect, Department of Works and Railways – 1914–19
Chief Architect, Department of Works and Railways – 1919–29
Director-General, Department of Works – 1927–29

Owen, Colonel Percy Thomas

Director-General Works – 1904–25
Member, Federal Capital Advisory Committee – 1921–24
Chief Engineer, Federal Capital Commission – 1925–29

Rolland, Henry Maitland (CP 26)

Head Architect, Federal Capital Commission – 1921–26

Waterman, Herbert Roy

Assistant Secretary, Federal Capital Commission 1926
Secretary, Royal Visit Section, Federal Capital Commission – 1927

White, Major-General Sir Cyril Brudenell Bingham (CP 10)

Commonwealth Director, Royal Visit 1927