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Collections in Perth: A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records

9. Education

The Commonwealth Office of Education was created in 1945 partly because the States had for some time been unable to meet growing demands for more educational facilities and resources. This problem became particularly acute with the return of service personnel after World War II.

It was considered that the creation of a more highly skilled workforce to build and develop industry was one of the keys to exploiting Australia's vast natural wealth. The Commonwealth administered a number of education schemes with a strong emphasis on tertiary education and retraining for trade or other technical work.

The Agencies

In 1967 the Commonwealth Office of Education became part of the Department of Education and Science, although this did not formally occur in Western Australia until 1969.

  • Commonwealth Office of Education, State Office, Perth (CA 595)
  • Department of Education and Science, State Office, Perth (CA 1751)

The Records

The records of Commonwealth education departments are principally concerned with the administration of various education schemes (eg the Commonwealth reconstruction training scheme, the Commonwealth scholarship scheme and the disabled members' and widows' training scheme). These schemes enabled thousands of people to retrain or to undertake tertiary education by means of scholarship or other financial assistance. Some of these series document the payment of financial assistance to and record the educational progress of the recipients.

This series contains administration files for the Commonwealth Office of Education.
Series: K1217
Quantity: 7 metres
Recorded by: 1949–67: Commonwealth Office of Education, State Office, Perth (CA 595); 1967–72: Department of Education and Science, State Office, Perth (CA 1751)
Disabled members' and widows' training scheme sub-committee meetings – agenda, minutes, etc, 1953–54 K1217, 45/5/1
University research – general, 1959–62 K1217, 32/14/2
Asian students' welfare – general, 1960–67 K1217, 41/3/2
Commonwealth scholarship scheme – collection of data for research purposes – awards, 1964 K1217, 32/54/1
Australian American Education Foundation – American student applications, American scholarships, 1965–68 K1217, 37/1/2
Education – general – liaison, 1966–67 K1217, 32/1/15