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Government Records about the Australian Capital Territory


There are many people who assisted with the writing of this book, but two in particular deserve special mention: Leslie Weatherall from the National Archives of Australia and Elizabeth Estbergs from ArchivesACT. They were the recipients of numerous inquiries, requests for record items and general assistance, and always provided what was asked of them.

Many other people also assisted in the development of this publication, and they too deserve thanks:

  • National Archives of Australia – Marjorie Bly, Fiona Burn, Denis Connor, Michaela Forster, Angela McAdam, Andrew McEntee, Anne McLean, Lora Miloloza, Donna Peat, Anne Piggott, Beth Rogers, Hilary Rowell and Paul Wood. In addition, Lending staff and Reading Room staff were of great assistance.
  • ArchivesACT – Mark Dawson, David Wardle and Dani Wickman.
  • Australian National University Archives – Maggie Shapley.
  • National Library of Australia – Emma Jolley.
  • State Records, New South Wales – Gail Davis and Jenni Stapleton.

In addition, my thanks go to Lenore Coltheart (for answering a number of queries), Mike Edwards (for access to a collection of newspaper cuttings maintained by his grandfather AE Edwards), Jess Enge (ACT Administration), Roslyn Hull (National Capital Authority), David Jolliffe (Museum of Australian Democracy), Emil Kovacik (Hotel Realm), Paula Sanchez (ACT Administration), and Jessie Webb (Australian War Memorial).

Ted Ling