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Government Records about the Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Development Board

The Canberra Development Board was established in August 1979 to promote and advise the Territory's Minister on ways of encouraging greater private enterprise development in Canberra. The board was required to identify types of activities that should be located in Canberra, initiate discussions with potential developers and investors, and advise the Minister on the conditions necessary for particular proposals to be committed.

The board comprised three members drawn from private enterprise in Canberra and interstate, and several public servants. One of the board's first successes was Fern Hill Technology Park at Bruce, which was opened by Minister for Territories and Local Government Tom Uren on 10 October 1984. In August 1989, ACT Chief Minister Rosemary Follett announced that the board would be reconstituted to broaden its membership and provide greater opportunity for community consultation.

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