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Government Records about the Australian Capital Territory

Electricity supply

The Territory's early electricity supply was provided by the Power House built on Interlake Avenue, Eastlake (now Wentworth Avenue, Kingston). The building was designed by John Smith Murdoch, and was built between 1913 and 1915, commencing operation in August 1915.

In 1926, the Federal Capital Commission began negotiations with the NSW Government by which the Territory's electricity supply would be sourced from the Burrinjuck Dam hydro-electric scheme. With the conclusion of negotiations, the NSW Parliament passed the Burrinjuck Hydro-electric (Canberra Agreement) Act 1929 in April of that year, and electricity flowed to the Territory from September.

The Power House was shut down soon after. It was later used, on occasion, when repairs were being carried out on Burrinjuck Dam and again after World War II, when accelerated development meant that there were shortages within the NSW power grid. It closed permanently in 1957 and the plant was dispersed to other locations or sold for scrap. The Power House is now the Canberra Glassworks, which opened in May 2007. Today, Canberra's electricity continues to be supplied from the NSW power grid, apart from a small amount of hydro- electricity generated in the Territory.

Plans and drawings for the Federal Capital power generating station, 1911–71 A7712
Old Canberra Power House log books, 1916–66 A7881
National Archives
Photograph of Canberra Power House and Mount Ainslie, 1913 M1483, 17/2
Federal Capital power-generating station, general arrangement of pipe line, Canberra pumping installation, 1913 A2445, M91
Detail survey, Power House, Red Hill reservoir, and branch line Canberra Station to power house, 1914 A657, DS1914/3573
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Power House, Canberra, 1919–22 A192, FCL1922/136
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Canberra Power House, new boiler house stack, 1946–54 A292, C23353
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