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Commonwealth Government Records about the Northern Territory

Immigrants to the Northern Territory

Although the Northern Territory has never had immigrants arrive in large numbers, there has nevertheless been a steady flow of prospective settlers, particularly from Asia.

The Territory's immigration function was administered by the Sub-Collector of Customs until 1948 when a Department of Immigration branch office was established in Darwin.

The National Archives' Darwin Office has a large collection of individual case files dealing with a range of immigration matters including applications for visas, applications for residency, and applications for passports. There is also a small collection of photographs, which include both immigration officials and some immigrant arrivals.

The National Archives' Canberra Office also has a collection of forms that were removed from individual case files relating to Northern Territory immigration matters prior to the destruction of those files. The items consist of: Application for admission of relatives or friends to Australia (Form 40); Application for permit to enter Australia (Forms 47 and 47A; and Personal nomination – assisted passage (Form EM2).

Selected records relating to the immigration function in the Northern Territory
National Archives, Canberra
Immigration forms 40, 47 and EM2, 1949–54 CP579/2
Basic documents removed from files – forms 40, 47, 47A, and EM2, 1954–60 AA1969/391
National Archives, Darwin
Correspondence files, 1928–ongoing E141
Correspondence files relating to immigration, 1933–41 E756
Correspondence files relating to Chinese immigration to Australia, 1941–42 E757
Correspondence files, 1947–75 E601
Passports registers, 1948–63 E1117
Correspondence files, 1949–ongoing E37
Miscellaneous immigration registers, 1954–84 E1114
Correspondence files, 1956–64 E516
Classified correspondence files, 1956–ongoing E110
Miscellaneous photographs, 1960–77 E1113
Various applications and correspondence relating to the Immigration Office in Dili, Timor, 1966–71 E1116


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