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Commonwealth Government Records about the Northern Territory

John Kilgour (1872–1958)

John Kilgour was born in Scotland on 29 September 1880.

During the early years of the Commonwealth administration of the Northern Territory, Kilgour was employed with the railways, and then as an audit officer. He also served on the Darwin Town Council. He left the Northern Territory for Sydney in 1917, where he was employed by the Department of Defence.

While living and working in the Northern Territory, Kilgour took a series of photographs which are now in the custody of the Northern Territory Archives Service in Darwin.

John Kilgour died on 31 December 1958.

Selected records relating to John Kilgour
Northern Territory Archives Service
Photographs, 1887–1959 NTRS3158
Miscellaneous photographs, 1901–59 NTRS3143
Notice for election to Darwin Town Council, 1916 NTRS3168


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