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Research Guides

Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia


I am grateful to several people who assisted in the preparation of this guide, most particularly Angela McAdam for her support throughout the project, and Ted Ling for his help with the selection of series held in the Archives' Sydney and Canberra offices, and guidance in drafting and structuring the content.

A special thanks to all staff, past and present, at the Archives' Adelaide Office, most notably David Swift, Phyllis Williams, Anne Piggott, Enid Woodley, Jan Hall, Jeremy Sibbald, Geoff Tulip and Nick Gleghorn. I would like to thank the National Office staff who assisted in the preparation of this guide: Anne McLean, Hilary Rowell, Denis Connor, Carolyn Connor, Beth Rogers, Kellie Abbott, Margaret Ruhfus, Lora Miloloza and Michaela Forster.

Acknowledgement is also made of the authors of the many Archives research guides and fact sheets that were used extensively in the preparation of this publication.

Thanks to staff in the Heritage Branch of the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Army Museum of South Australia, State Records of South Australia and State Library of South Australia for invaluable assistance and access to resources.

And a very warm personal thanks to my husband Edoardo Rosso for his steadfast support and faith in my abilities, to my wonderful family and friends for their enthusiasm and optimism, and to the excellent staff at Coffee Branch for the cheerful administration of the increasing amount of caffeine required to see the manuscript to its completion. Grazie a tutti!

Sara King