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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

Passports, visas and other permits

Prior to World War I, passports were irregularly used for travel between countries. They were issued concurrently by the states and Commonwealth until 1915, when the Commonwealth took sole responsibility for the issuing of passports and regulations under the War Precautions Act 1914, which prohibited entry or exit from Australia without a passport. These requirements were made law when the Passport Act 1920 was passed. Requirements for visas were introduced shortly after to give the government power to permit or deny each individual act of a person crossing the country's external border.

Records held by the Archives relating to passports and visas in South Australia include indexes, registers and correspondence.

Selected series relating to passports, visas and other permits in South Australia
Recorded by: Department of Immigration, Central Office
Applications for permit to enter Australia, 1924–56 A997
Recorded by: Australian Customs Service, State Administration, South Australia
Immigration/passport index cards, 1919–25 D2246
Index books to passports missing, obtained by false declaration, 1920–35 D1984
Index to passports lost or stolen, 1920–40 D1982
Passports lost or stolen book, 1920–40 D1981
Travel facilities (passports/permits) index, 1925–47 D2249
Passport index cards, 1926–47 D2247
Weekly return of passports visaed and renewed, 1927–28 D1985
Special authorities for passengers to land index book, 1949–57 D1980
Recorded by: Department of Immigration, South Australia Branch
Landing permit book butts, 1951–52 AP381/3
Name index cards for passports issued, 1955–87 D2384
Registers of type 'D' permits and temporary entry permits, 1962–65 AP530/6
Recorded by: Department of Foreign Affairs, State Office, South Australia
Correspondence files, 1971–75 D417
Passport files, miscellaneous, 1973 D432
Passport collection book, 1975–86 D3515
Register of travel documents (issue of passports), 1976–85 D423
Titre de voyage (travel document) files, 'P', 1983–85 D1622


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