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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

10. Immigration and naturalisation

Prior to Federation the colony of South Australia administered its own immigration programs. In 1901 the Commonwealth became responsible for immigration and received some records from the colony. Until World War II, immigration matters in South Australia were administered by the Collector of Customs, Adelaide. Most records during this period relate solely to non-British migrants. Between 1941 and 1945, the Security Service, South Australia became responsible for Aliens Control under wartime security regulations.

The Department of Immigration, South Australia Branch was created in 1945. The branch dealt with general and assisted migration, passports, citizenship, registration of aliens (non-citizens) and naturalisation.

Migration records are among the most significant holdings in the Archives' collection. The records include alien registration files, migration applications, immigration case files, migrant selection documents, migrant accommodation records, naturalisation (citizenship) records, passenger records, passport records, policy files, and visas and entry/exit documents.


Chapter 10
Immigration and naturalisation