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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

Supply, purchasing and disposal

In 1943 the District Contract Board was established to provide coordinated purchasing arrangements on behalf of all Commonwealth agencies. In the aftermath of World War II, disposal of unwanted goods was for a brief time the responsibility of the Commonwealth Disposals Commission. Since World War II, the responsibility for supply, purchasing and disposal has mostly been the concern of administrative agencies.

The District Contract Board was superseded by the Purchasing Commission in 1975. In 1982 the defence purchasing function was transferred to the Defence Purchasing Regional Office. In 1987 the Department of Administrative Services was split and became known as Disposal and Sales Groups, and Purchasing Services. The South Australian office closed in 1998.

In recent years responsibility for both purchasing of new goods and disposal of unwanted goods has been devolved to individual agencies.

Records held by the Archives relating to supply, purchasing and disposal in South Australia include procurement and project files, photographs and correspondence.

Selected series relating to supply, purchasing and disposal in South Australia
Recorded by: District Contract Board, South Australia
Minutes of meetings and associated business papers, 1956–75 D1031
Project procurement files, 1959–60 D3614
Recorded by: Department of Supply, Regional Office, South Australia
Miscellaneous documents re supply and procurement, 1940–64 D3613
Addenda sequence book (for contract acceptance and purchase orders), 1943–79 D2750
Contract acceptance and purchase order number book, 1943–77 D2751
Progress officers' record of contract acceptance and purchase orders, 1943–75 D2752
Project files, 1965 D2044
Correspondence files, 1952–78 D696
Correspondence files, 1958–63 D2754
Recorded by: Stores and Transport Branch, South Australia
Annual financial and statistical reports, 1947–86 D3310
Miscellaneous photographic records, 1955–79 D3987
Correspondence files, 'POL' (policy), 1951–87 D3076
Correspondence files, 1952–69 AP1556/1
Correspondence files, Woomera, 1957–76 D5257
Correspondence files, 'SEC' (security), 1960–87 D3744
Correspondence files, 'F' (Finsbury), 1961–76 D5258
Correspondence files, 1975–89 D410
Recorded by: Department of Supply, Regional Office, South Australia – Defence Production Planning Branch
Correspondence files, 'E' (engineering), 1948–62 D3211
Recorded by: Department of Supply, Regional Office, South Australia Department of Manufacturing Industry, Regional Office, South Australia Department of Industry and Commerce, Regional Office, South Australia
Correspondence files, 1973–95 D687
Recorded by: Department of Defence [III], Regional Office, South Australia
Administration and project files, 1975–84 D3815
Recorded by: Transport and Storage Group, South Australia
Administration files (Department of Administrative Services Distribution), 1986–95 D5297
Recorded by: Master General of the Ordnance Branch, Design Division Detachment, South Australia
Miscellaneous records of the Design Division Detachment, 1943–45 D5172


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