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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

Boer War

The Boer War (1899–1902) occurred in the British colony of South Africa as a result of differences between the British and Boer farmers, descendants of Dutch settlers, in the colonies of Transvaal and Orange Free State. In support of Britain all Australian colonies sent contingents to the war. Following Federation a Commonwealth contingent was raised.

The Archives holds the attestation papers for the Commonwealth contingent, along with those for the fifth South Australian contingent. Some nominal rolls have survived from the colonial contingents. A range of other records – including photographs of Australian nurses who served in South Africa – are also held.

Selected series relating to the Boer War and South Australia
Recorded by: Department of Defence
Boer War dossiers, 1901–02 B4418
Nominal rolls of Australian battalions for service in South Africa, 1902 B5207
Recorded by: Department of Defence
General correspondence files relating to the Australian contingents in the South African (Boer) War, 1918– A6443
Recorded by: Staff Office, Military Forces of South Australia
Attestation declarations for the fifth South Australian Contingent, Imperial, Boer War, 1901 AP613/7
Recorded by: Deputy Commissioner of Repatriation, South Australia
Boer War veterans' funeral benefit files, 1939–60 D4549
Selected items relating to the Boer War and South Australia
Photograph of South Australian Military Contingent, plus copyright form, 1899 D4477, 416
Complaints by members of South Australian contingent of Imperial Bushmen, 1901 A8, 1901/264/2
Report on first and second South Australian contingents, 1899–1901 B168, 1901/5306
Annual report Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania forces, 1901–02 B168, 1902/5748
Review of South Australian forces by Duke of York and Cornwall, 1901 B168, 1901/1773
Military history – 4th military district – encompasses Loveday Camp and nursing personnel from Boer War to World War II, 1941–46 D844, 73A/1/6 [G]


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