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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

Between the wars

The Archives holds service records and attestation papers for members of the Permanent Military Forces, full-time regular army and Citizen Military Forces, also known as the Militia. Service cards are also held for those who served with the Royal Australian Navy. The Royal Australian Air Force was established in 1921 as a successor to the Australian Flying Corps and Australian Air Corps. Service records are held for enlistments dating from 1921.

Selected series relating to South Australia between the wars
Recorded by: Department of Defence, Central Administration
Army lists, library material, 1923– A1194
Recorded by: Australian Imperial Force, Base Records Office
Permanent Military Forces and Army Militia personnel dossiers, 1901–70 B4717
Army Militia service records, attestation documents, 1901–40 B4747
Royal Australian Navy
Recorded by: Navy Office, Department of the Navy
Service cards for navy officers, 1911–70 A6769
Service cards for petty officers and sailors, 1911–70 A6770
Royal Australian Air Force
Recorded by: Air Services Branch
RAAF officers personnel files, 1921–48 A9300
RAAF personnel files – non-commissioned officers and other ranks, 1921–48 A9301


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War service