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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

War gratuities

After both world wars, the Commonwealth Government granted returning veterans a one-off payment known as a 'war gratuity'. This was distinct from any pension entitlements. Records held by the Archives about war gratuity payments include registers and application forms, but they contain only limited information about the applicant.

Selected series relating to war gratuities in South Australia
World War I
Recorded by: Headquarters, 4 Military District, Commonwealth/Australian Military Forces, Keswick
Register of unclaimed Australian Military Forces pay, 1917–25 AP636/13
War gratuity registers – First Australian Imperial Force, 1920–38 AT226/5
Registers of Unclaimed Citizens' Military Forces pay, 1923–42 AP636/12
World War II
Recorded by: Headquarters, 4 Military District, Commonwealth/Australian Military Forces, Keswick
Applications for war gratuity – permanent who served in Darwin, 1939–55 AP636/4
Correspondence re unclaimed money due to militiamen who served in Second Australian Imperial Force, 1940–41 AP636/14
War gratuity registers, 1939–52 AP1357/1
Applications for war gratuity (Demobilised Militia), 1945–52 AP636/3
Applications for war gratuity (Militia, Australian Women's Armed Service), 1945–51 AP636/5
Applications for war gratuity (Second Australian Imperial Force), 1945–51 AP636/1
Applications for war gratuity (deceased members), 1945–53 AP636/6
Triplicate copies of war gratuity payments, 1945–65 AP636/11
Schedule of amendments to war gratuity registers, 1946–57 AP636/10
War gratuity register amendment advices, Second Australian Imperial Force, 1946–51 AT226/9
Schedule of war gratuity, 1946–53 AP636/7
War gratuity credit schedules, 1946–54 AP636/9
Applications for war gratuity (Duntroon Cadets), 1947–51 AP636/2
Citizens' Military Forces pay sheet registers, 1948–59 AP636/15
War gratuity payments due to banks, 1948–53 AP636/8
War gratuity bank schedules, 1950–57 AP248/4


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