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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia


The property function was established to acquire, lease and dispose of land and buildings on behalf of the Commonwealth; manage Commonwealth properties; coordinate arrangements for building construction; and provide advice and security for all Commonwealth properties.

Initially the Property Branch was part of the Works Directorate but, along with Survey, separated in 1945. In 1952 chief property officers were established in all states. Later, property directorates were established, followed by property groups. The Commonwealth disposed of the property function in October 1997.

Property records relating to South Australia held by the Archives include correspondence files, acquisition registers, drawings and photographs.

Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide
Recorded by: Property and Survey Branch, South Australia/Chief Property Officer, South Australia
Chronological register of acquisitions, 1902–74 A11057
Extracts from Works Head Office acquisition registers, 1912–51 A11056
Disposal registers, 1912–89 A11055
Correspondence files, 'CL' series (Commonwealth lands), 1932–49 A877
Lands acquisition registers, 1950–87 A11054
Card register of property assets, 1901–83 D1972
Expired expenditure leases and associated documents, 1911–97 D3073
Registers and correspondence regarding acquisitions, 1912–48 AP563/4
Land acquisition registers, 1939–52 AP1282/1
Index cards to claims for compensation against acquisition of property, 1945–51 D1783
Expenditure lease register, 1946–69 AP662/5
Revenue lease register, 1946–69 AP662/4
Property and Survey authority book – schedule of approvals, 1950–57 AP662/6
Minute papers for the Executive Council, 1951–66 AP662/3
Microform copies of original plans (aperture cards) of contracted engineering works, 1952–88 D4718
General correspondence files, 1915–77 D4441
Correspondence files, 1952–77 D4404
Recorded by: Chief Property Officer, South Australia – Woomera Office
Correspondence files, 1963–73 D1949
Canberra,Sydney and Adelaide
Recorded by: Lands and Survey Branch
Correspondence files, 'B' (general), 1925 A569
Correspondence files, 'SL' (South Australia lands), 1912–25 D4210
Correspondence files, 'RL' (railway lands), 1912–24 D4208
Recorded by: Australian Taxation Office, Branch Office, South Australia – Federal Land Tax Office
Part town (city property) files, 'PTA' (part town acre), 1921–90 D4127
Recorded by: Australian Taxation Office, Branch Office, South Australia – Valuation Section
Property valuation files, 1968–98 D3509


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Construction, property and survey