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Commonwealth Government Records about South Australia

Repatriation hospitals

Image 10: Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia, 1971

Image 10: Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia, 1971
NAA: B6295, 2887L
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In South Australia a repatriation general hospital, with 100 beds to accommodate patients who had served in World War I, was operating at Keswick Barracks by 1919.

In 1940, still in the early stages of World War II, the South Australian Government approved the construction of a new repatriation hospital on the corner of Daws and Goodwood roads, opposite the Springbank military camp. The 105th Australian Military Hospital – also known as Springbank Hospital, but later better known as Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital – began taking patients into its three-ward facility in 1942. Expanded to comprise 12 ward blocks, Daw Park could eventually accommodate up to 700 patients. It was taken over by the Repatriation Department in 1947.

Patients from the hospital at Keswick were transferred to the new hospital in December 1946, and it continued to operate as an outpatient facility until closing in 1968.

Other facilities that came under the administration of Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital were Kapara convalescent home in Glenelg (1947–58) and Birralee repatriation hospital in Belair (1952–76), which specialised in the care of patients with chest diseases.

Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital was integrated into the South Australian public hospital system in 1995.

South Australian repatriated soldiers were also cared for in psychiatric hospitals and receiving homes, such as Parkside, Northfield and Enfield, administered by the South Australian Government. There was also a war veterans' home at Myrtle Bank.

Additional records relating to Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital may be identified if searches are conducted using the current or previous names of surrounding suburbs and localities, including Springbank, Bedford Park, Colonel Light Gardens and St Marys. Birralee may also be referred to as a 'sanatorium' or 'repatriation sanatorium' at Belair Hospital. Abbreviations that might be encountered include RALAC (Repatriation Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre), and RALF (Repatriation Artificial Limb Factory).

Medical services records
Recorded by: Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park, South Australia
Hospital general policy files, 'HG' (Hospital), 1965–95 D1449
Correspondence files, 'SG' (Springbank), 1964–68 D2250
Authority and record cards, 1945–86 D2744
General policy files, 'RGH', 1946–65 D4923
School of Nursing training records, 1965–93 D4995
Building records
Recorded by: Director of Works, South Australia
Original drawings, plans and prints of National Estate properties, 1847–1980 D1051
Specifications (office copies), 1941–62 AP567/1
Original plans, 1926–59 D1420
Recorded by: Deputy Commissioner of Repatriation, South Australia
General policy files, 1918–65 D2048
Myrtlebank Hospital, South Australia, 1935 A458, P368/5
Repatriation Hospital Birralee – Belair, 1948–76 A7066, SX64/2
Repatriation General Hospital Keswick – drawings 1 to 15, 1915–19 D1051, folder 26A
ANZAC hostel – Kapara, 1919–21 D2048, G734 PART 1
ANZAC hostel – Kapara, 1919–21 D2048, G734 PART 2
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1923
Repatriation Hospital administration 1923 - [testing of milk, purchase of various stores, extension of hot water service Keswick etc]
D2048, G648 PART 1
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1923
Taking over of building from Defence, removal of telephones, canvas blinds and other work
D2048, G648 PART 2
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1925
[list of provisions etc]
D2048, G648 PART 3
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1926
Repatriation Hospital general - [plan of duty room, stocktacking of drugs, repairs, sale of handicrafts etc]
D2048, G648 PART 4
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1928
[monthly returns, unserviceable stores, swine fever, repairs, stocktaking etc]
D2048, G648 PART 5
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1923–24
Operations performed from 1/7/1923 [various lists of]
D2048, G648 PART 6
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1921–27
Xray plants - [list of patients, progress report etc]
D2048, G648 PART 7
Repatriation Hospital, Keswick, 1923–24
Alterations - [repairs and painting]
D2048, G648 PART 8
Repatriation Hospital Keswick, 1923–24
Hot water service kitchen range
D2048, G648 PART 9
Repatriation Hospital Keswick, 1922–23
Marking departmental property Repatriation Institutions steel and rubber stamps
D2048, G648 PART 10
Repatriation Hospital Keswick 1927
Stocktaking drugs, uniform allowance etc
D2048, G648 PART 11
Repatriation Hospital Keswick 1928-48
Proposed sale of handicrafts Red Cross, payment of fees to specialists, wheel beds, overpayment of visit, letter from Adelaide Childrens Hospital requesting a nautical wheel not in use - various orthopedic appliances donated to this hospital, capital expenditure, water supplies, Princess Mary's gifts list of recipients, out-patients, dispensing of port wine for TB cases, visits of His Excellency the Governor, distribution of "Reveille', sewerage charges, re fire RGH Keswick, visit by Sir Henry Chauvel, confidence man B Drake, locking of main south gate, agreement in respect of erection of building at Keswick barracks over main sewer, wireless facilities, proposed additional water supply, estimates 1937/8, setting boundary Army, plan of RGH and proposed tennis court, TB patients undressing in the open etc
D2048, G648 PART 12
Proposed new Repatriation Hospital Glenelg, 1925–28 D2048, G779
Repatriation Artificial Limb Factory administration, 1929–54 D0248, G761 part 6
Birralee Sanatorium official opening, 1944–45 D2048, G1349
Institutional visitations – Repatriation General Hospital Keswick, RGH Springbank, Birralee Sanatorium, Northfield Mental Hospital, Enfield Receiving Home, Parkside Mental Hospital, 1946–54 D2048, G1406
Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital – black and white photographs plus coloured slides – various views of building exteriors and interiors, 1955–68 D3481, DAW PARK RG HOSPITAL


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