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Commonwealth Government Records about Tasmania

Appendix C: Tasmanian railways

The following record series on Tasmanian railways were transferred to the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) in 2012.

Series of former Commonwealth records relating to Tasmanian railways held by TAHO
Recorded by: Tasmanian Government Railways, 1920–39 [TGR] (CA 4941); Transport Commission, Tasmania, Railway Branch, 1967–78 [TC] (CA 4942); Australian National Railways Commission, Tasmanian Region (known as AN Tasrail), 1978–90 [AN] (CA 3933)
Correspondence files, annual single number series, 1917–62 P1200 (TGR, TC)
'Old' drawings, railway mechanical, alpha numerical series, 1886–1946 P1275 (TGR, TC)
Register of old drawings, railway mechanical, 1886–1946 P1276 (TGR, TC)
Register of new drawings, railway mechanical, 1947–97 P1277 (TC)
Control cards of new drawings, railway mechanical, 1946–97 P1278 (TC, AN)
New Drawings, railway mechanical, 1935–97 P1279 (TGR, TC, AN)
Construction drawings for diesel/diesel electric locomotives, alphabetical by class of locomotive, 1946–97 P1284 (TC, AN)
Indexes to construction drawings for diesel/diesel electric locomotives in P1284, alphabetical by class of locomotive, 1950–97 P1285 (TC, AN)
Drawings, DP class railcars, railway mechanical, 1946–48 P1289 (TC)
Index of drawings, DP class railcars, railway mechanical, 1946–48 P1290 (TC)
Drawings, T class steam locomotives, railway mechanical, 1908–47 P1292 (TGR, TC)
Construction drawings for steam locomotives and self propelled rail cars, alphabetical by class of locomotive/rail car, 1872–1960 P1297 (TGR, TC)
Index of B & W photographic negatives, 35 & 120 mm, railways general, 1947–77 P1299 (TC)
Publicity photographs, Tasmanian Government Railways, multiple number series, 1947–77 P1300 (TC)
Register of photographic colour slides, railway mechanical, 1960–77 P1301 (TC)
Register of Drawing Office folders, railway mechanical, single volume, 1936–83 P1304 (TGR, TC, AN)
Boiler records, railway mechanical, 1900–56 P1305 (TGR, TC)
Control index cards of old drawings, railway mechanical, 1886–1946 P1306 (TGR, TC)
Civil engineering drawings of Tasmanian railways and works, 1860–1946 P1330 (TGR, TC)
Contract plans, Tasmanian Government Railways, bound volumes, 1883–1975 P1331 (TGR, TC)
Architectural drawings, railway civil, 1930–97 P1332 (TGR, TC, AN)
Roll plan index for CRS P1330, civil engineering drawings of Tasmanian railways and works, 1889–1940 P1333 (TGR, TC)
Register of colour negatives, railway mechanical, single volume, 1960–1970 P2001 (TC)
Asset registers, 1978–86 P2003 (AN)
Index to plans (railway civil – buildings, bridges, station yards etc.), single volume, 1934–54 P2011 (TGR, TC)
Cottage files, Civil Engineering Branch, numerical series with C prefix, 1968–82 P2114 (TC, AN)
Photographs of permanent way and rail operations, Tasmanian Government Railways/AN Tasrail, 1906–97 P2121 (TGR, TC, AN)
Staff [history] record, Mechanical Engineering Branch, lexicographical series, 1915–55 P2125 (TGR, TC)
Contracts, licences, agreements, leases, briefs etc: cancelled or superseded; Tasmanian Government Railways/then AN Tasrail; lexicographical by name of other party, 1905–90 P2129 (TGR, TC, AN)
Correspondence registers, Chief Engineer's Office, chronological series, 1969–81 P2136 (TC, AN)
Staff record, Traffic Branch, Tasmanian Government Railways, nominal order, 1920–59 P2137 (TGR, TC)
Derailment card index, Tasmanian Government Railways/from 1978 AN Tasrail, by position on rail line, 1952–66 P2138 (TC)
Record of examinations, Tasmanian Government Railways, Traffic Branch, nominal order, 1918–47 P2139 (TGR, TC)
Duty statements, Tasmanian Government Railways/from 1978 AN Tasrail, chronological series, 1957–97 P2140 (TC, AN)
Personnel [Branch] files, Tasmanian Government Railways/Transport Commission, Railway Branch, annual single number series, 1939–63 P2146 (TC, AN)
Index of Individual Level Crossings files, single volume, 1952–89 P2147 (TC, AN)
Civil engineering construction drawings, alpha numeric series, 1946–97 P2213 (TC, AN)
Railway Service Classification List, (staff List), Tasmanian Government Gazette, chronological series, 1900–78 P2215 (TGR, TC)
Tasmanian railways weekly, fortnightly and staff notices, 1937–97 P2225 (TGR, TC, AN)
Index to Tasmanian railways weekly, fortnightly and staff notices, 1937–97 P2237 (TGR, TC, AN)
Operational files, Operations Branch, covering derailments, collisions and other accidents, 1986–97 P2247 (AN)
Train control logs, 1969–97 P2255 (TC, AN)
Telegraph train register book for train lines, chronological series, 1917–19 P2269 (TGR)
Index to CRS P1332, architectural drawings, railway civil, alpha numerical series, 1930–92 P2294 (TGR, TC, AN)
Index cards for P2213, civil engineering drawings, alpha numeric series, 1946–97 P2300 (TC, AN)
Derailment register, Tasmanian Government Railways/(from 1939) Transport Commission, Railway Branch/(from 1978) Australian National Railway Commission, Tasmanian Region, chronological series, 1950–97 P2309 (TC, AN)
Locomotive, rail car, wagon and carriage outline diagrams, alpha numerical series, 1875–1997 P2316 (TGR, TC, AN)
Holiday record, Rolling Stock Branch, alphabetical series, 1899–1956 P2323 (TGR, TC)
Assets register (stores and equipment book), by volume, 1892–1997 P2324 (TGR, TC, AN)
Record of goods damaged or missing, chronological series, 1872–1989 P2327 (TGR, TC, AN)
Technical articles relating to civil and mechanical railway engineering, alphabetical series by subject, 1950–74 P2328 (TC)
Volumes of memoranda issued by Chief Traffic Manager and District Superintendent, Traffic Branch, 1939–70 P2335 (TC)
Australian and New Zealand Railway Officers Conference Minutes and notes of subsequent Tasmanian Government Railways action, Minute number order, 1951–73 P2338 (TC)
Index booklets to property files, Civil Engineering Branch, alphabetical series, 1969–90 P2341 (TC, AN)
Cottage and station folders, numerical series, 1950–78 P2370 (TC)
Registers of service history of Tasmanian railway rolling stock, locomotives, self propelled rail cars, camp wagons and containers, 1930–89 P2376 (TGR, TC, AN)
Survey/sketch books of Tasmanian railway station yards and sidings, numerical series, 1935–38 P2377 (TGR)
Pattern cards for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, multiple number series with alpha prefix and infix, 1939–78 P2422 (TC)
Specifications, railway mechanical, single number series, 1925–97 P2423 (TGR, TC, AN)
Drawing Office folders, railway mechanical, single number series, 1936–92 P2424 (TGR, TC, AN)
Files and photographs relating to requests for information about Tasmanian Government Railways/after 1978 AN Tasrail history and operations, single number order, 1920–97 P2527 (TGR, TC, AN)
Alteration forms, single number, 1944–97 P2559 (TC, AN)
Register of files for P1200, correspondence files, annual single number series, 1917–62 P2581 (TGR, TC)
Subject index to incoming correspondence, chronological series, 1917–62 P2582 (TGR, TC)
Production Office job register, alphabetical series, 1960–79 P2589 (TC, AN)
Tests, Launceston Railway Workshops, volumes, 1919–65 P2590 (TGR, TC)
Locomotive Foremans' Log Books, chronological series, 1978–97 P2605 (TC, AN)
Engine maintenance records, numerical by engine number, 1950–97 P2616 (TC, AN)
Civil engineering construction drawings, District Engineer South, location order series, 1950–60 P2638 (TC)
Subject index cards for P1200, alphabetical series, 1917–62 P2679 (TGR, TC)
Ron K Aubrey Collection, alphabetical series, 1960–80 P2778 (TC, AN)
Copied civil and mechanical engineering drawings from other states and rail operators, single number with alphabetical prefix, 1950–96 P2826 (TC, AN)
Clearance, curve and gradient, cant and other measurements of the Tasmanian railways permanent way, 1872–1997 P2829 (TGR, TC, AN)
Surveyors' diagrams and correspondence regarding identification of lots at closure and disposal of parts of the Tasmanian Railway system, 1896–1966 P2832 (TGR, TC)
Tasmanian Government Railway – Strahan to Zeehan Railway – Zeehan Station Yard plan showing proposed alterations, 1898–1902 P1330, 11774
Indenture between the Government of Tasmania and the Emu Bay Railway Company Limited – regarding the working of the railway from Burnie to Flowerdale in Tasmania, the railway from Launceston to Burnie in Tasmania, and the use of the Railway Station yard at Zeehan, Tasmania – 19 February 1915 P2129, 1915