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Commonwealth Government Records about Tasmania

Lighthouse service administration

During the 20th century, nine different Commonwealth agencies were responsible for the administration of lighthouses in Tasmania, the last being the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, which began in 1992 an Australia-wide program to 'de-man' lighthouses over the ensuing four years. All have produced record series now held by the National Archives or intended for it, and researchers interested in understanding what happened at a level higher than the operation of actual lighthouses should begin by identifying series created by one of the agencies listed below.

Commonwealth agencies that have managed Tasmanian-based lighthouses
No. 3 Lighthouse District (Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania), Hobart Headquarters, 1915–27 CA 1690
Deputy Director of Lighthouses and Navigation, Tasmania, 1927–63 CA 1689
Department of Shipping and Transport, Regional Controller, Tasmania, 1963–72 CA 1015
Department of Transport [III], Regional Controller, Tasmania, 1972–82 CA 1688
Department of Transport and Construction, Victoria-Tasmania Region, Transport Division (Tasmania), 1982–83 CA 3766
Department of Transport [IV], Victoria-Tasmanian Region, 1983–85 CA 3804
Department of Transport [IV], Tasmanian Region, 1985–87 CA 4915
Department of Transport and Communications, Tasmanian Region, 1987–90 CA 6763
Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Southern Region, Melbourne, 1991– CA 7204


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