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Commonwealth Government Records about Tasmania


The caveats about relevance stated at the beginning of this guide must again be emphasised. To be selective, assumptions were made about what could be of possible interest to researchers. In a sense, with individuals representing a Tasmanian federal electorate or the entire state as a senator, all of their activities, regardless of the particular subject matter, and therefore the resultant documentation, are of relevance. Researchers are strongly advised to investigate all of the record series created by the individuals listed in this chapter, and to request details of, and access to, items even when not yet listed at item level or examined with the depositor's access conditions in mind for public use.

What have been flagged here are suggestions and leads intended to stimulate interest and encourage further inquiry. The descriptions are in two parts: the first relating to Joe and Enid Lyons, given the extent of holdings and their significance; and the second comprises some of the more than 60 people registered as Commonwealth persons with a connection to Tasmania.


Chapter 8
Tasmanian Commonwealth persons