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Commonwealth Government Records about Tasmania

Other Tasmanian Commonwealth persons

Lance Barnard (CP 94)

The Hon Lance Herbert Barnard (1919–97), son of former federal politician HC Barnard, was a former soldier and school teacher who represented the Tasmanian electorate of Bass from 1954 until he resigned in mid-1975. From late 1972, he served as Deputy Prime Minister to Gough Whitlam and shared all portfolios with him during the first Whitlam Ministry (5–19 December 1972). He subsequently retained those of Supply, Air, Army and Navy until late 1973, and Defence until mid-1975.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Lance Barnard (including particular concentrations of items on Tasmania)
National Archives, Canberra
Inward correspondence schedules and Defence portfolio correspondence, 1972–75 AA1982/639
General correspondence files, 1973–74
Comprises 46 items of correspondence with ministers, public servants, service associations, trade unions and business interests, as well as with people in the electorate of Bass.
Publications maintained by Lance Barnard, 1966–75 M3407
Folders of papers maintained by Lance Barnard, 1969–74 M3410
Ministerial records maintained by Lance Barnard, 1972–77 M3412

Eric Bessell (CP 109)

Eric James Bessell (1923–79), a former pastoralist soldier and Liberal Party official, was briefly a Senator for Tasmania in 1974–75.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by eric Bessell
National Archives, Canberra
Publications and papers used by Senator EJ Bessell, 1974–75 AA1976/107
Newspaper cuttings (I) – general interest, 1974–76 M210
Newspaper cuttings (II) – political interest, 1974–76 M211
Publications – miscellaneous, 1974– M212
General correspondence files, alphabetical series, 1974– M214

Robert 'Bob' Brown (CP 971)

Robert James 'Bob' Brown (1944– ) moved to Tasmania in 1972 to practise medicine. Later, he became an environmental activist, member of the Tasmanian Assembly and, from 1996 to 2012, Senator for Tasmania and Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens.

Series of audiovisual material recorded by robert 'bob' Brown
National Archives, Sydney
Audio recordings of interviews and press conferences given by Bob Brown and other public and political figures, 1995–2005 M4499
Video recordings maintained by the staff of Senator Bob Brown, 1976–2005
Comprises 203 items, a portion of which has been examined and listed, including sound recording All Television news – forest protest in Tasmania; date of recording: 8 November 1997, date of transmission: 8 November 1997 (item 14).

Charles Frost (CP 331)

The Hon Charles William Frost (1882–1964) was an orchardist and Huon Valley identity. He was elected to federal Parliament as Member for Franklin (Tasmania) at a by-election on 14 December 1929, defeated at the 1931 general election and re-elected at the 1934 election. He was a minister in the wartime Curtin and Forde governments, but was defeated in the election of September 1946.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Charles Frost
National Archives, Canberra
Folders of Repatriation Portfolio correspondence, 1942–46 M1450
Folders of electorate correspondence, 1941–43 M1451
Folders of electorate correspondence, 1943–46 M1452
Folders of subject files and correspondence relating to War Service Homes, 1933–46 M1453
Folders of information relating to Cabinet Sub-Committee on Housing, 1943–45 M1454

Raymond Groom (CP 376)

The Hon Raymond John Groom (1944– ) was elected to Commonwealth Parliament in 1975 as Member for Braddon, representing the Liberal Party, which he held until his resignation from federal politics in 1984. He held ministerial positions in the government of Malcolm Fraser, served on parliamentary committees and was a member of various parliamentary delegations. A second career in state politics (1986–2001) followed, the high point as Premier (1992–96).

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Raymond Groom
National Archives, Canberra
General Braddon electorate correspondence, 1975–81 M241
General correspondence relating to ministerial responsibilities of Hon RJ Groom, 1976–78 M242
Ministry documents, intra-department papers and correspondence with states relating to ministerial responsibilities of Hon RJ Groom, 1977–80 M243

Herbert Hays (CP 274)

The Hon Herbert Hays (1869–1960) was a Tasmanian Senator (1922–47) and a member of the Joint Committee on Rural Industries (1941–43).

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by herbert Hays
National Archives, Canberra
Papers of Senator Herbert Hays, 1942
Comprises copies of various evidence, memoranda and statements arising from the Joint Committee on Rural Industries' work, which involved travel to major cities and country towns collecting oral evidence from primary producers, representatives of major rural industry associations and corporations, and government officers in state and federal departments.

Norman Henty (CP 215)

The Hon Sir Norman Henry Denham Henty (1913–78) was a member of the pioneering Henty family, an administrator, businessman and long-serving Tasmanian Senator. He held ministerial portfolios in the Menzies and Holt governments.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Horman Henty
National Archives, Canberra
Papers of Senator NHD Henty, 1950–57
Comprises correspondence, reports, statements, news cuttings, cables, etc. relating to trade agreements, tariff concessions, exemptions from duty and subsidies on various commodities.

William Michael Hodgman (CP 155)

The Hon Michael Hodgman (1938–2013) was a Tasmanian state and federal politician and one of five generations of Hodgmans involved in Tasmanian politics. The only one of his family to sit in state and federal parliaments, he was the Liberal Party's federal Member for Denison between 1975 and 1987, and held several portfolios in the fourth Fraser Ministry (1980–83), and also served on several parliamentary committees and delegations.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Michael Hodgman
National Archives, Canberra
Personal and electoral correspondence, office records, parliamentary papers, media material, printed publications and reports, 1968–81 M1568
Alphabetical index cards to electorate file, 1975– M223
Electorate files, 1975– M224
Folders of papers maintained by the Hon William Michael Hodgman, 1980–82 M3546

Raymond Hutchinson (CP 482)

Dr Raymond Charles Hutchinson (b.1909) was a government biochemist and food scientist associated with the development of ration packs during World War II. He was the first Director of the Army (later Armed Forces) Food Science Establishment at Scottsdale, Tasmania.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by raymond Hutchinson
National Archives, Canberra
Autobiography of Dr Raymond Charles Hutchinson, single volume, 1988–89 M2387
Personal papers and ephemera of Dr RC Hutchinson, single volume, 1979–90 M2424

John Israel (CP 700)

John William Israel (1850–1926) worked with the audit branch of the Launceston and Western Railway Company and the Tasmanian state administration in the Audit Department, Hobart. On 1 December 1901, he became the first Commonwealth Auditor-General, serving well beyond retirement age and leaving shortly before his death in 1926.

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by John Israel
National Archives, Canberra
Personal correspondence of Auditor-General JW Israel, 1910–26 A11327

Walter Massy-Greene (CP 170)

The Hon Sir Walter Massy-Greene (1874–1952) was a politician and entrepreneur with several, if disparate, Tasmanian links. In his late teens he worked as a farm and sawmill labourer in northern Tasmania. He was later a member of the Board of Trade (1918–23), and held the portfolios of Trade and Customs (1919–21) under Prime Minister Hughes, and several appointments in early Lyons governments. He was the first Chairman of Associated Pulp and Paper Mills, Burnie, Tasmania (1936–52).

Series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Walter Massy-Greene
National Archives, Canberra
Papers of Hon W Massy-Greene, 1918–23
Comprises 57 items including, for instance, papers on Tasmanian certificates for agricultural products (item 6, 1922).

Richard Morse (CP 67)

Major Richard Victor Morse (1885–1925) was a military engineer who worked in the early 1920s with the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Department.

Selected series of correspondence and other papers recorded by richard Morse
National Archives, Canberra
Folders of press clippings, photographs, diagrams, maps and articles relating to World War I and various civil engineering projects, 1877–1925 AA1978/450
Aerial photographs of trenches – France – World War I, 1916–18 M433
Aerial photographs of particular World War I battles and areas under bombardment, 1916–18 M434
Folders of Army correspondence and other material associated with Morse's period of service with the AIF, 1914–20 M435
World War I press clippings, single number series, 1916–c.1918 M5103
Specifications, plans, articles, notes, photographs and engineering matters, single number series, 1877–c.1925 M5104
Photographs, single number series, 1916–c.1923 M5105
Diagrams prepared by the Electrical Engineers Office of the New South Wales Government Railways and Tramways Department, single number series, 1908–c.1920 M5110
Correspondence and other private papers, 1904–33 M96

Jocelyn Newman (CP 949)

The Hon Jocelyn Margaret Newman (1937– ), a barrister and solicitor who held executive positions with various Tasmanian associations, was a Senator for Tasmania between 1986 and 2002. She held a number of ministries under various governments of Prime Minister Howard, and was a member of several parliamentary committees.

Selected series of papers recorded by Jocelyn Newman
National Archives, Canberra
Papers maintained by Senator the Hon Jocelyn Newman in relation to Tasmania, 1986–2001 M4341
Portfolio papers maintained by Senator the Hon Jocelyn Newman as Minister for Social Security, 1996–98 M4332
Photographs collected and maintained by Senator the Hon Jocelyn Newman, 1986–2001 M4329
Diaries and notebooks maintained by Senator the Hon Jocelyn Newman, 1986–2001 M4328
Portfolio papers maintained by Senator the Hon Jocelyn Newman as Minister for Family and Community Services, 1998–2001 M4333

Kevin Newman (CP 230)

The Hon Kevin Eugene Newman (1933–99), a former professional soldier, represented the Tasmanian seat of Bass in the House of Representatives between 1975 and 1984. He held a number of ministerial positions under Prime Minister Fraser, and during the same period chaired serveral councils and led various delegations.

Selected series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Kevin Newman
National Archives, Canberra
Non-portfolio correspondence, 1980–82 M1302
Photographs collected and maintained by the Hon Kevin Newman, 1972–97
Includes photographs taken during a trip to South-West National Park, Tasmania, as Minister for Environment, Housing and Community Development (item 2, 1977), and portrait photographs of the Hon Kevin Newman (item 3, 1975–97).
Tasmanian radio broadcasts, 1976–80
Includes transcripts and ministerial speech notes of electorate broadcasts on Tasmanian radio (items 1–3, 1976–77, 1978–79, 1980).
Personal correspondence, 1977–82 TA1983/62
Media releases, national and local, 1977–81 TA1983/65
National Development Portfolio papers relating to Tasmania and other matters, c.1977–c.1979 TA1984/225
Electoral Office papers relating to Court of Disputed Returns, 1980 federal election, 1980–83 TA1983/69

Raymond Sherry (CP 112)

Raymond Henry Sherry (1924–89) was Member for Franklin, Tasmania, between 1969 and 1975.

Selected series of correspondence and other papers recorded by Raymond Sherry
National Archives, Canberra
Miscellaneous files and papers, 1967– TA1976/34
General correspondence files (parliamentary), 1967– M208

Michael Tate (CP 439)

Rev Fr the Hon Michael Carter Tate (1945– ) had an academic legal background before a political career as an ALP Senator for Tasmania from 1977 until his resignation in 1993. He was a minister in some of the Hawke and Keating governments; a member of delegations, conventions and official overseas visits; and served on several Senate committees (including the Senate Select Committee on Passenger Fares and Services to and from Tasmania, 1980–81).

Selected series of correspondence and other papers recorded by michael Tate
National Archives, Canberra
Folders of miscellaneous correspondence, subject papers and other material generally relating to Senator Tate's parliamentary activities, 1967–87 M3364
Papers on war crimes maintained by Senator the Hon Michael Tate as Minister for Justice, 1987–88 M3466

Reginald Wright (CP 157)

The Hon Sir Reginald Charles Wright (1905–90) was a barrister and solicitor and for 28 years a Senator for Tasmania. He served extensively on various parliamentary committees, was a minister in the Gorton and McMahon governments, though in the late 1970s resigned from the Liberal Party on a matter of principle. In 1978 he retired from the Senate as an Independent.

Selected series of correspondence and other papers recorded by reginald Wright
National Archives, Canberra
Correspondence on parliamentary matters and other papers, 1962–75
Comprises 59 boxes, including information on Tasmanian television licences – Blue Poles, 1962–73 (Box 4).


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