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Tracking Family: A Guide to Aboriginal Records Relating to the Northern Territory

4. Homes and missions

The following is a two-part list of children's homes and missions showing:

  • the name of the home, mission, hostel, college or school in alphabetical order
  • significant movements of people and comments about the institution
  • the institutions holding records. The records were created by, for example:
    • the home or mission, for example, The Bungalow or Hermannsburg Mission
    • the government – records were created because many non-government homes and missions received government subsidies for buildings and/or Aboriginal people, and had to submit reports to the government, for example, a list of children for whom they received child endowment
    • people who lived or worked in homes or missions who deposited their personal papers and photographs with libraries and archives, or took part in oral history interviews.

The records may now be held by:

  • the archives of the agency (government or non-government) that created the records, for example the National Archives of Australia holds The Bungalow records, or the Lutheran Archives holds the Hermannsburg Mission records
  • a library, archive or museum where the records created by a non-government agency or a person have been collected and deposited, for example, the Australian Inland Mission records are held by the National Library of Australia, and the Rev. Hubert Ernest Warren's photographs of the Roper River Mission are held by the Northern Territory Archives Service.

The first part of the list gives homes and missions located in the Northern Territory. The second part gives some of the homes and missions located outside the Northern Territory where groups of Northern Territory Aboriginal people are known to have been sent.

Finding information

Using the lists, you can:

  • find the name of a home or mission of interest from the alphabetical list, then
  • identify the institution holding records in the right-hand column, then
  • go to the entry for that record-holding institution in Chapter 5, which lists the type of records held, access arrangements and contact details.

Locations of homes and missions in the Northern Territory

Image : Locations of homes and missions in the Northern Territory


Chapter 4
Homes and missions